Wednesday, October 17, 2012

O'Rourke Has Commanding Money Lead

Frankly I've been saying this for a long time now, O'Rourke is in no danger of losing. His Republican opponent will likely get around, or possibly even less, than the previous Republican candidate Tim Besco.

Her support has been over-stated due to the fact that a few Sore Loser Democrats can't come to accept a loss. I think most of those folks have started to peel off and will likely do what they normally do, vote straight ticket.

The financial reports came out and said exactly what everyone thought they'd say. O'Rourke has a commanding lead in fundraising over his opponent. Thats a big deal because you are talking about a countywide race.

Sure, on a small scale with the right team and the right set of circumstances a campaign that raises less money can defeat the campaign with more money, but frankly the circumstances and the tool box just aren't there for the Republican nominee.

Oh yeah, and then there's the thing about how no one from the faction O'Rourke belongs to (I don't even know what to call it any more because Shapleigh is no longer in office, but you know what i mean) has ever lost an election in El Paso.


As in never ever.

Part of me wants to write that this race is already over. But I can't.

Because I just can't honestly say there ever really was a race after the primary.

Republican candidates outside of District 78 just can't raise money because even Republicans in town back who they think is going to be the winner. Don't believe me?

State Representative Dee Margo is going to raise MUCH more money than the Republican Congressional nominee. Talk about embarrassing. The reason that is the case is because Republicans feel like they can win that race. They feel its in play. So donors, groups, and organizations will make contributions.

The Republican Congressional nominee apparently doesn't inspire that enthusiasm from donors, lobbies, groups, or organizations.

Same thing with the senatorial race. Dan Chavez inspires no confidence in terms of his elect-ability, other than from his campaign manager who will be taking me out to eat at Cattleman's when all is said and done.

Ya gotta have the feria to get your message out to voters. The serious candidates will be getting their message out.

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Anonymous said...

As a person in El Paso who is a dues paying union member I cannot vote for either candidate. Beto doesnt care about the working man and is nothing but a silver spooned spoiled rich kid. Babs is clearly anti union and pro free trade..simnply anti worker. The good news is fascists like Foster and Hunt can't lose. Remember a definition of fascism is the merging of state and corporate power and we have that in spades here. In fact the fear tactics used by those crushing the working man are very similar to tactics used in fascist states. Those of us who pay dues and know what is going on know what time it is...and armchair "union supporters" do not.