Thursday, October 4, 2012

O'Rourke & Republican Debate Today

Congressman-Elect Beto O'Rourke will face so and so, his opponent for the Congressional nomination. I forget her name. But they are going to face off today in a debate in Spanish with Telemundo. The debate will only last one hour and is scheduled to take place at 7pm. Click here for more details.

This is where the wheels fall off for the people that haven't been able to get over the primary. They have done everything they can to make the Republican sound like something she's not, a middle-of-the-roader.

She isn't.

Tonight the Rebublican nominee will have to either take positions that sound like a Democrat and risk upsetting her base, or take positions that please her base and then Democrats will see her for what she is. Not that it matters because the math doesn't work for her anyway.

Here's the areas where I think it will be VERY difficult for the Republican to hide her true colors:

Immigration Reform: The most pedestrian of policies the DREAM Act almost didn't pass. She's said it doesn't go far enough, which is a very Democratic position. Her base calls the DREAM Act amnesty. If she's asked if the DREAM Act is amnesty she's gonna be in trouble. If she's asked what changes to immigration policy she would make, she's going to be in even more trouble.

The Environment: The GOP wants to Drill Baby Drill. Not sure the environmentalists are going to be okay with that type of posture.

Women's Health / Women's Right to Choose: This is the one position the Republican appears to be pretty consistent with. Her gamble is that El Paso is Catholic. Which is true, but American Catholics are overwhelmingly supportive of contraceptive and there is a pretty fair division among Catholics about abortion.

Obamacare: The minute she's asked about that question, the gig is up. She'll sound just like a Republican.

So don't miss the debate people. This should be fun.

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