Sunday, October 21, 2012

Republicans and the Ballpark

So I've been to a couple of gatherings that had a lot of Republicans present over the last few days that mentioned the ball park.

For some reason the general consensus among those Republicans was that the ball park was some sort of hippie liberal thing.

It isn't.

I almost stood up in one meeting to remind the room that Paul Foster and Woody Hunt are in fact, Republicans.

The three members of City Council that are opposed to the stadium, Reps Acosta, Holguin, and Robinson, are all Democrats.

There are Republicans and Democrats in support of the stadium. There are Republicans and Democrats opposed to the stadium.

Just wanted to clarify that point.

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Anonymous said...

there are those on council that get campaign donations(money and future money) that are for the stadium and there are ones that don't get campaign donations from Hunt and Foster that are against the stadium because they know its fiscally irresponsible. even ex republican mayor francis said that spending 4 to 5 times the amount in public money on a joint venture is too much compared the amount the private sector is investing. democrat or republican has nothing to do with it. its all about the money. marquez and gonzalez ring a bell ?