Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SBOE Rep Garza Complains to Guv, Lt. Guv About Margo Campaign Event

Sources within the Republican Party indicate that the member of the State Board of Education from El Paso, Charlie Garza, has apparently made complaints to the office of Texas Governor Rick Perry as well as the Lieutenant Governor's and Chairman of the State Board of Education offices about an upcoming trip to El Paso by Texas Education Administration Commissioner Michael Williams.

The sources indicate that Garza believes its an ethical violation on the part of Williams because he's allegedly coming under the guise as official business in his capacity as Texas Education Commissioner and participating in a town hall where he is set to defend Margo's vote on education cuts. However his is also allegedly going to do some fundraising stops in El Paso on behalf of Margo.

If this is being called an official trip then it is presumably paid for by taxpayers.

Sources within the Republican Party indicate that is the specific issue Garza has a problem with.

Its hard to ignore the political subtext of the visit considering the Moody camp has really focused on education as a major part of this campaign and specifically Margo's vote that made deep cuts to education.

Republican Party sources indicate that several prominent member of the El Paso GOP are not satisfied with Margo's vote on education cuts and are in agreement with Moody's critique of the cuts.

Apparently the town hall meeting which is scheduled for Wednesday at the El Paso Community College Administration Building. Sources indicate that invited guests include local elected officials, superintendents, and local school board members.

However the State Board of Education Member from El Paso was not invited to the event. This is not the first time that Representative Margo has failed to invited Garzo, who represents far more constituents, to an event.

Interestingly this development indicates that Margo is also upsetting people within his own Party and I'm of the opinion that Margo, Marquez, and Gonzalez are putting themselves on a small deserted political island.

I'm just trying to figure out who is Gilligan.

More as this develops.

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Max Powers said...

Regarding Williams, do you think Pelosi paid her own way when she came to town to fundraise for Reyes? Or when Steny Hoyer came also to El Paso fundraise?

Do you think when Moody lost his last race in El Paso his District Office and Capitol Staff were on unpaid leave of absence to help out?