Monday, October 8, 2012

Socorro: More Drama than a Night Full of Novelas

The drama continues is in Socorro, Texas. Now there is a yet another episode of Socorro politics brewing. Last night Mayor Trini Lopez resigned his position as the Mayor of Socorro, leaving the city without a titular head.

The reason Lopez gave for leaving his post is because of the elections that are being held in November 2013 instead of this past April which effectively gave the folks on city council an additional 18 months of their term. Lopez says he quit because he didn't want to be part of government that could be breaking the law.

But Mary Garcia, who is Mayor Pro-Temp, questioned the timing of his resignation right before the city was going to examine what they deem to be questionable business practices on the part of Lopez.

They have a meeting set up on Wednesday and the item language appears to indicate that the council is already in a punitive posture towards Lopez. Lopez told the El Paso Times he was unaware of the special meeting.

Sorry, but if you are the Mayor of Socorro and you don't know that there is a special meeting in a few days to discuss something, I'm just not buying it.

Still hanging over the head of Socorro's head is the investigation in to several members of city council from earlier this year and late last month. No charges have been filed as of yet, but the minute charges are filed (if they are filed) I'm betting at least one city council member would have to resign considering he led the charge to remove Willie Gandara Sr as Mayor for having charges hanging over his head.

Don't change the channel, this novela isn't over yet...

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Anonymous said...


I am not a fan of Mr Lopez but I think that this was the best move that Mr. Lopez could have made under the circumstances. The relationship between Mr. Lopez and City Council has completely fallen apart and he lost all of their support months ago. Its no surprise that Mr. Lopez decided to do this right when relationship with City Council is at an all time low. When the change in election dates was made in December, Mr. Lopez never complained and he was quoted in the paper as saying, "I asked the attorney. He told me the process is totally legal. It's something that the legislation allows". Clearly Mr. Lopez did not believe that our City Council was breaking any rules back then. It was only when Senator Rodriguez sent the letter to our City Council back in August that Mr. Lopez started to say that moving the elections had been wrong. If City Council is proven wrong, then Mr. Lopez will look like the only one who was right all along. Even if nothing is done about the election, Mr. Lopez will still have his base of support intact for the most part since he didnt do anything wrong. Its a great strategy for him if it works out. It shows us why Mr. Lopez has held power in Socorro for so long, he knows how to look after himself and is not afraid to gamble every now and then. Of course the question that I would ask people is, if Mr. Lopez feels this strongly about the election in October, why didnt he resign in May when his term would have expired under the old election dates? Five months later....Jesus