Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Failure of El Paso Young Democrats

The El Paso Young Democrats are a text book example of why leadership matters for an organization. Without the right leadership, your organization is destined to fail. There is no better local example of that fact than the El Paso Young Democrats.

There's a reason I resigned as soon as the previous administration ended their term. I saw no reason in staying with an organization I knew was going to fail. Under the previous leadership of Alfredo Longoria and Jay Desai, the organization enjoyed its highest amount of membership, influence, participation, community service, and most of all, credibility.

The EPYD had a healthy mix of membership that had no allegiances to any particular faction and even when a majority of the membership favored a particular candidate, opposition candidates were greeted warmly and RESPECTFULLY.

It was the kind of organization I was proud to be a part of. But I knew that the new leadership was gong to run it in to the ground and it apparently has already happened. Faster than I expected it to fail to be honest.

Current members complain of a lack of meetings and when the meetings are held they are poorly attended. A member spoke to specifically about the last meeting of EPYD in which they had a guest speaker and there were only about two or three regular members of EPYD in attendance and the only officer in attendance was the President.

My source says the meeting was an embarrassment compared to the previous administration. Poorly attended and my sources says the organization has become nothing more than a puppet organization for a former state representative who my source indicates interrupted the guest speaker over and over. Something that NEVER happened under the previous administration.

Because of the current administrations constant inability to contain his support for specific candidates in accordance with respectful decorum membership and credibility are completely out the window. Witnesses state that the Republican congressional nominee is frequently at EPYD meetings or events. Thats a move that could certainly be interpreted in such a manner that would get the President removed from holding any office within the El Paso Democratic Party.

But the mere fact that a Republican candidate is at a Democratic meeting, presumably by invitation of the organization demonstrates exactly why they have lost credibility. They have let their support for Congressman Reyes interfere with their primary goal which is to support the El Paso Democratic Party and Democratic candidates.

That is a shame, but I have to state facts here...I Babe Ruthed this one. I called my shot months ago when I publicly left the organization because of the new leadership.

Interestingly there was an email chain that has made its way all over town in which three very polarizing figures were prominently featured. One comment regarding what is essentially the Hatfield and McCoy's of the El Paso Democratic Party was picked up and turned in to an email argument.

Blanche Darley, Chair of the Paso Del Norte Tejano Democrats (I should mention they were the ONLY organization to endorse State Representative Naomi Gonzalez who has since endorsed Republican Dee Margo over a fellow Democrat) has indicated that the Tejanos will not be participating in the UNITY campaign. She indicated that they had their own agenda. There was no indication from Darley in the email if they had voted on that idea or if that was a unilateral decision on her part.

Alex Guzman of the El Paso Young Democrats indicated frustration about the Young Democrats not being involved more in the planning of UNITY. Which is exactly the indication of the lack of credibility the organization now has. There was a time when EPYD was the place where all the energetic volunteers in the Party congregated. Although its really hard for Guzman to demand a seat at the table for EPYD with UNITY when they are having a Republican candidate at their meetings.

But like I said people, I Babe Ruth'ed this one a long time ago...


Max Powers said...

"But the mere fact that a Republican candidate is at a Democratic meeting, presumably by invitation of the organization demonstrates exactly why they have lost credibility. They have let their support for Congressman Reyes interfere with their primary goal which is to support the El Paso Democratic Party and Democratic candidates."

This sums up in a nutshell why Marquez and Gonzalez are backing Margo. Your Guzmans, Chavezes, Morenos, and the like do not care, whether or not you're a "good" Democrat (whatever that means). For them everything is personal. Guzman and Chavez will launch a tirade againt Marquez and Gonzalez for backing Margo, yet on the same token see nothing inconsistent in their support of Carrasco.

If anything we have now seen the weakness of these organizations and why the do not matter. Camino Real MAD folded. Tejano has its mind made up already. EPYD is now a mess. Why should an elected go out seek what amounts to a personal endorsement of Guzman or the Morenos and lesser extent Norma?

Lately, voters don't care about these organizations. Which is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100% on this one Jaime. As a former member of EPYD all I can say is that the organization has become an attack dog for Norma Chavez, which is so sad because the founding members had nothing to do with her.

I remember when we stood up for our values. Helped others. Raised money. Led by example. Worked with others. The "older" YDs would even pay the dues for the "young"YDs. Talk about mentoring. Not anymore.

Even when some of the office holders who the membership never agreed with attended our meetings, we would treat them with respect(i.e. Marquez meeting).

I have no clue what Alex is doing but I wish he turns things around soon and steps down when his time is up. By the way, stop inviting Norma Chavez and Barbara Carrasco to the meetings Alex. It looks bad.


The membership of EPYD 2010-2012

Mariana Chew said...

was not going to pay attention to what you wrote but you mentioned the EPYD and its leadership. My daughter, Ximena Chew is the Secretary of the EPYD, she attended the meeting. I think it's important I clear up some misinformation about the meeting for example, attendance and who invited whom.

First and foremost, the guest speaker was el paso tomorrow PAC and that all the meetings they host everyone gets very angry of how they pushing the baseball stadium.

You should man up and stop libeling my young daughter, the other girls and the young people who participate in this organization and at this meeting. This is not the first time you do this and by doing it you are confirming to me that you are slandering them by pursuing your personal issues and that’s bad for you and also for your political allies. Pick on others but do not pick on these young, successful people.

Just a brief reminder, my daughter just turned 17 years old. We come from a family of immigrants (Chinese, Mexican, Spanish) who have been living in this region for more than 100 years and who had fiercely fought for a sustainable community from different angles and perspectives. She has first hand knowledge of the concerns of the numerous stakeholders at all levels, from a local to a global perspective and the challenges we face. In fact, she has presented her vision of our region in numerous forums (locally, DC, Austin, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Detroit, Mexico, Scotland, etc., etc.). While she was at elementary, middle and high school she held various positions, among them, President of the Student Body, President of the National Honor Society, Ambassador, etc. etc.. The firs time she run for an 'elected" position she won by almost 90%, she was 8 years old. Currently, she is a UTEP student within the College of Health Sciences; she got full scholarship and is the undergraduate assistant to the Provost, Dr. Gonzalez. She is a member of the EXCEL program within the SGA and has won several awards and scholarships during her short life, among them, the first place at age 14 for the Law School Preparation Institute at UTEP and much more here and abroad. She is self- sufficient since she was around 10 years old (meaning she earns her own money to pay for everything she needs in her life). She has traveled around the world mostly on scholarships based on her leadership skills.

So, you mention the lack of leadership…well…. It is obvious to me that your leadership concept is different than the ones awarding my daughter scholarships and recognitions here and abroad. Please, again, I am asking you to refrain yourself of keep libeling my daughter. She loves our region and is working hard every second of her life to make this a better region. Do not keep messing with her. Why don't you pick on others on your level, and leave these young, successful people alone? Whatever your issues are with specific individuals please man up and deal with them personally instead of smearing my daughter and all of us young at heart who support EPYD!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to La Raza; Divided we fall. I wonder if people still ask why the former representatives lost...Despicable losers.

The Lion Star said...

No one mentioned your daughter. I have no idea why you personalized it to her. In fact, I was a member long before you daughter was a member. I don't know why you try to personalize it as though any of my comments had ANYTHING to do with your daughter but now that I have gone back and looked at every post I've made about EPYD that has been critical, you always take it personal. I have always meant my comments toward Alex Guzman. He's a SHITTY president and thats why i chose to leave that train wreck of an organization. He is completely incapable of leaving his personal support for a candidate out of his duties as a President of a Democratic auxilery. The congressman lost. I voted for him, but we all, those of us who call ourselves Democrats anyway, have to get over it and support our parties nominee. He would rather support a Republican. Period and point blank. I think that's bullshit and I stand by it. Anyone that has a problem with that should feel free to have a conversation with me about it. Including Alex. No one scares me and I don't answer to anyone. Anyone that has a problem with it can unfriend me and stop reading my blog any time they want to. This is America and no one is forced to read anything.

Anonymous said...

Please let me give you something to "chew"; its not all about you, Or your daughter. Go back to your old blog that will praise you & your "wonder" kid.

Anonymous said...

Norma destroyed Paul Moreno, Joe Moody and her own career. Now she wants to take out EPYD. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Im new to the local democrat circles. Actually Im not really even in them I just read a lot news and support candidates via lawn signs and contributions. Because I'm in my late 20's I thought I would give this group a shot by stopping by a meeting a few months back. I didn't like what I saw so I never attended again. They all sound as crazy as the Maria Chew person who wrote as if you were personally attacking her. I think that is in essence the problem...these thin skinned people take everything personally. So as a young person who supports the bond and Beto Im not looking for people to agree with me just a democratic home that is not so badly skewed that they promote republican candidates.