Monday, October 15, 2012

What the Heck? Beck's on Deck.

Sorry, that was my lame attempt at an old-timey news headline.

Anywho, Edward Beck is the latest District 2 City Rep candidate to throw his hat in the ring for the position soon to be vacated by Susie Byrd.

Early voting for the general election hasn't even started yet but as I mentioned before, expect a classroom size field of candidates for this race.

He joins Getsemani Yanez who has already pre-launched his campaign and has a social media presence as well.

Click this link for Beck's Campaign Facebook Page.


Anonymous said...

Will his camaign be funded by Foster and Hunt?

Isabel Gonzalez said...

Hello, his campaign will not be funded by Foster and Hunt. Why do you ask?

SantiagoRPdJ said...

I'm told through the grapevine by people who've run for city council in the past that, candidates must undergo ~three campaign audits during the course of their campaign leading up to May. I'm sure Mr. Abeytia knows about this particular regulation. In any case, it'd be good to have access to this kinda information..who's funding who?