Wednesday, November 21, 2012

UPDATE: 2012 Awards Part 2

So I came up with some more award categories with the help of a buddy.

First of all, Most Annoying Campaign Manager is still up in the air. Submit your pick and your reason.

So here's a couple more awards and we'll start with a race to the bottom:

Worst Candidate Award / Person Who Should Never Run for Anything Again - I've thought about this one a lot over the last few days and I was going to say Dan Chavez. I was also going to say Fred Chavez. Actually now that I think about it, Chavez's don't do well in El Paso County over the last few years. I was also going to say Ron Paul - mostly because I think he gets a total pass for the stuff he wrote a few years back and has someone else take the fall for it, oh and for being a neo-confederate. But alas, my award for Worst Candidate and Person Who Should Never Run for Anything Again goes to Texas Governor Rick Perry. I now see why he ducked and dodged Bill White every chance he had. I know my friends from across the aisle are going to flip out and be outraged that I said Perry is the worst candidate but you have to admit, he is. In fact, El Paso Republicans should've been the main folks correcting the Texas Guv'nuh when he said stupid stuff like car bombs going off in El Paso. Don't give me this bad-back-he-was-on-medication excuse for his terrible performance. Especially in New Hampshire. That was some funny stuff. I seem to recall saying, at the time of Perry's announcement to run for President, something along the lines of "A Republican governor from Texas...what could go wrong?" Sarcastically of course. Congrats Guv'nuh, you managed to embarrass Texas even more than Bush.

Oh, and the reason I didn't give it to our local boys is because, well, they provide comic relief. They make me laugh and don't we all need a good laugh?

Best Dressed Candidate - Hands down this award goes to Aaron Barraza. Very sharp dresser and looks like an actor. He dresses well even when he dresses casually. As I said before he needs to wait a few election cycles before he runs for anything again (I know, I know, he might want to take another shot at HD 77 but he needs to wait until he's closer to 30 and see what the political landscape looks like then. Plus I hear there's already two candidates that Austin people are looking at for HD 77). This is Barraza's second award of this type because in the primary he was nominated by Victoria Nevarez a frequent ready of my blog, as Best Cougar Bait. I think she might be a cougar herself and thus her nomination, lol. Kidding Victoria.

Best / Worst Use of Facial Hair - Fred Chavez. Its so bad...its good. He has a mustache that I can only describe as half Emiliano Zapata and half Yosemite Sam. Its awesome.

Hottest Campaign Manager - Don't know her name, but just about every guy I know as told me the award needs to go to Judge Bill Hick's campaign manager. Have you seen her? Wow.

Best Use of Technology - Mike Cervantes. He purchased a text messaging campaign from Entravision and it sent out messages to their universe reminding folks to go vote and to vote for Cervantes. I've been waiting to see if that was going to work in this market and there are a whole lot of improvements needed to the effort but it was the first time done in a local election and it was innovative on his part. Once you are able to get a universe of registered voters, consistent voters and people who haven't already voted, you can really leverage that kind of tool. Its gonna take a few election cycles, but text messaging is going to be a regular part of campaign contact like phone banking, block walking, email and FB. Mark my words. And Cervantes was the first to do it.

Honorable Mention goes to young campaign volunteers. I've seen countless volunteers use their smart phones, tablets, and lap tops to do all manner of things while out on the campaign trail. Its in their political DNA to turn to technology when they need to problem-solve.

One more honorable mention for best use of technology - Don Williams' camera. He goes to everything and takes pictures of every one. Its a huge photo archive that someday someone with half a brain at UTEP or within the Democratic Party is going to realize is a valuable treasure and will acquire it. Unlike my boatload of archival video footage that I literally couldn't give away to UTEP or EPCC. (Now they will have to pay me for it one day, lol.)

Most Surprising Political Beat Down - This award goes to the opposition of the ball park propositions. They were completely ineffective at messaging or leveraging public sentiment against the propositions. Even with help from a questionable process by city council and some unprofessional and embarrassing emails from City Manager Joyce Wilson, the opposition should they had zero ability to affect the outcome of the election.

Okay, thats all for the awards...

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