Thursday, November 22, 2012

Apodaca Files a Treasurer

Long-time Democratic Party activist Mike Apodaca has filed the necessary paperwork to designate a treasurer for a possible bid for City Representative for District 2. The field is already crowded with mostly second-tier candidates.

Apodaca is now one step closer to being a declared candidate for the position but for all intents and purposes, he's a candidate since filing a treasurer means he can start collecting money.

If Apodaca decides to jump in to the race, he'd certainly be the class of the field in terms of field organization and grass roots operations.

At first glance the race looks like the top three candidates so far are Michael Apodaca, Jim Tolbert, and Getsemani Yanez. The two other candidates have a lot to do in order to be competitive. Tolbert seems to be the candidate as the one most-impacted by Apodaca getting in to the race.

Until you take a look at history. Turns out people from the Newman Park area have had a strangle hold on the seat for quite some time now. More than a decade for sure. It appears places like Newman Park are pretty important if you want to win the district. Guess who has been a previous president of the Newman Park Neighborhood Association?

That's right, Jim Tolbert.

So clearly Newman Park has to be hit pretty hard by the other candidates if they have any hope of looking competitive.

Apodaca has the advantage of still being in fighting shape so to speak. He's fresh off a big win for President Obama. Apodaca has steadily moved up the food chain within the state party mechanism for his campaign performance.

So if anyone SHOULD be able to run an effective campaign operation based on the current field it would be Apodaca. Followed by Getsemani Yanez. The rest of the field seems to be pretty evenly matched in terms of their ability to organize although I'd give Tolbert the inside track fro the rest of the field based on some activist stuff he's previously been successful with.

Tolbert's biggest weakness? Appearing one-dimensional based on his environmental activist.

Yanez actually has a couple of weaknesses to over-come. #1 is trust issues with voters. He was with Beto, then he was with the Congressman. The district supported Beto big. Its going to take some finessing on the party of Yanez to over come that. Although I will say that Yanez is more than adequately equipped to deal with the issue. The harder issue is that his firm's performance in terms of political consulting is still up in the air. They've won races they are supposed to win and he usually operates with candidates that have the dough to do things. The real measure will be winning the races no one expects them to be able to win .

Apodaca's biggest problem so far is his accent. He talks a bit like Dr. Gar-cee-uuuhh

But of all the problems to have so far, thats the easiest one to deal with and overcome.

The other candidates, well they have to actually get working. Very few if any of them are actually declared candidates and no one, i mean no one in the district knows anything about them. They need to get off their nalgas and start making that happen.

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