Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bill Maher to Appear in El Paso

As a flaming liberal myself, Bill Maher is someone I've always thought was hilarious. I especially appreciate the fact that he's one of the few commentators out there that is willing to stand up to the absurdity of the right. It helps that he's a comedian and is therefore good on his feet.

I used to watch his show Politically Incorrect religiously because I really liked the fact that he could get celebrities and policy-makers on the same stage to talk about current events and politics. As a young person, its the kind of thing that drew me in further in to politics. I also think it made other political shows by comedians possible.

He now hosts Real Time on HBO where he continues to entertain and enlighten. And his New Rules segment is the part of the show I look forward to the most.

So I'm excited that he's coming to El Paso for a show. I'm gonna try to catch the show myself and you should to. People always complain that there's nothing to do in El Paso, well political junkies, there's a good show coming our way.

So here's a new rule of my own. New Rule, if you complain that there's nothing to do in El Paso and then a show comes to town, you have to put your money where your mouth is and go see the show!

The show is February 10th at the Plaza Theater. Check out the box office for ticket info. There might even be a break on tickets for a group of people that go so check it out.

Now...if someone could only get Bill Maher and Glenn Beck to debate on the same stage...that would be worth Pay-Per-View!

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