Monday, November 26, 2012

Blurb on Council Races

I'm really surprised I haven't heard more buzz in District 7. I figured there would be a classroom-size group of candidates run for that race. A large field of candidates the likes we have not seen since the 2008 Sheriff's race.

Anyway, I'm surprised that there's only one candidate out there.

If you're thinking of waiting until January, no matter what city rep race you are looking at, you're waiting too long. Especially if you don't have name ID with municipal voters. Its going to take time to get up and running with your campaign and the holiday season is the perfect time to catch voters at home because there are a lot of days off during that time period. People burn a lot of vacation time too.

The idea that voters aren't going to care about the election during that time frame doesn't hold water either. That might be true for casual voters with bad voting records but people that vote always care.

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