Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Candidate Profile: Adam Gurrola - Candidate, City Rep District 2

Name: Adam E. Gurrola

Hometown: El Paso TX


Crockett Elementary/Collins Elementary, Terrace Hills Middle, Chapin High School 06’, EPCC 06-07, University of Mary Harden Baylor 07-09, UTEP 10-present 

Military Service: N/A

Occupation: Project Coordinator- TVP NON PROFIT 

Professional Experience: 

El Paso Foster Parent Association Board of Directors 2010-2012
EPISD CIP (Campus Improvement Program) 2010-Present
Opportunity Center For The Homeless Board of Directors 2011- Present
Vice President PTA 2012-13 school year
Director of the Lower Dyer Community Center
Site coordinator For VITA Tax Program – El Paso Affordable Housing

Community Involvement: 

I am a member of Central Neighborhood Association. Working with Project Noel we have handed out 200 coats for the winter last year and on same tack this year. I have coordinated 4 parades (Lower Dyer Neighborhood), 8 agency fairs, 3 senior health fairs. I have coordinated 14 different agencies and put into place mentoring programs both for adults and children, parenting classes, senior health classes, after school clubs (art, dance), GED and ESL Classes. I am the Head Coach for the Generals youth football team at Grand View Park 6 years. I was previously the head coach of the Ducks youth baseball team, volunteer coach at the YMCA for 3 years and Asst. Coach for the Lobos volleyball team for one season.

Though its a non-partisan race, please indicate your general political persuasion: 

I have always been the middle of the road kind of person. For me I have never put a party before community I am an American an El Pasoan and a Daddy and that’s all that matters. 

What are your priority issues for the district?: 

Land infill, we need to get rid of the vacant lots.
What are the first three acts you would undertake as a member of Council?: 

First item on my agenda would be bringing utility companies to the table and have a conversation on the high hook up prices that they charge developers when building homes/apartments on vacant lots in the community, infill is something that we need to be promoting and a solution is needed. I would also like to look into why central youth are so underserved when it comes to park athletic fields and research possible solutions. Next would be spending wisely when it comes to El Paso as a whole, El Paso’s debt needs to be looked at. Although we are showing high ratings now, I don’t see that being the case in the future if we continue our current spending rate.

How often have you voted in elections in El Paso? (going back ten years): 

Going back 10 years I was not of age to vote, but I voted 100% of the time that I was eligible and living in El Paso.


Anonymous said...

He needs to finish school and spell check. He's a Republicnt by the way. DOA.

Anonymous said...

Hes a good man I know him have worked with him. the community respects and loves him. **Republican** Jerk...

Anonymous said...

This candidate has a history of leadership. I believe the success of El Paso should be our priority. Excessive spending must be controlled and based on funds in our budget. Money management is very important to the growth of our city.

The Lion Star said...

Settle down people, settle down. I asked Mr. Gurrola if he was a Republican and he denied it. End of story unless there's some other major development.

Raoul Knox said...

Adam you are so cool with the street level people in central Dyer Street, El Paso! You have my backing 100%. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I hope he is not part of the Escobar/Ortega "buddy" group.

Anonymous said...

Adam! I worked with this young man at Valero 7-8 years ago. He is a hard working man very smart, Made me look bad. Great with customers i didn't know of anyone who met him, that didn't like him. He put his HEART in to everything he did from inventory reports to cleaning the floor haha. I am so happy hes doing well I always knew he would! my name is Juan btw

Anonymous said...

I've had the pleasure of Coaching the Generals Youth Football Team with Adam Last year! I've NEVER seen someone so dedicated to the children of Central El Paso! He does wonders and works miracles in the community. He strong willed, and can NOT be corrupted! The people of District 2 are very lucky we have Adam running in this election! You have 1000% of my support, Brother! You are what Central El Paso NEEDS in Office!!!

-Jerry Karnes el Malkreado!