Tuesday, November 13, 2012

City Rep District 7 & 2 Update

Well the candidates should be starting to come out of the woodwork at this point to run for the various offices up in the municipal elections next year.

I've actually been pretty surprised that there has not been more action in District 7 in terms of candidates. So far its just Ray Mendoza who has expressed an interest in the office. As I have previously mentioned, appointed Precinct 3 Commissioner Tania Chozet was very clear that she is not running for City Rep Ortega's office. If memory serves I wrote about that in September following a conversation in which she was crystal clear of her intentions not to run.

By contrast, District 2, currently represented by Susie Byrd, has a whole host of candidates. Environmentalist Jim Tolbert, Political Operative Getsemani Yanez, are the more liberal-leaning candidates in the race so far. Adam Gurrola and Edward Beck are the more conservative leaning candidates.

Two more liberal candidates are considering a run too, which will crowd up the field in a very progressive district. Political new-comer Esteban Terrazas has told a few people he's interested in a bid. He's helped out a bit with the Beto O'Rourke congressional campaign. And Democratic Party veteran Michael Apodaca confirmed last night that he is also considering a run and would likely be filing for a treasurer in the new few days.

Its early, but with this many people in the race you can pretty much guarantee a run-off election. The question is which of the liberal candidates will face one another. The two conservative candidates are probably thinking they can squeak in if all the liberal candidates split the vote, but there just aren't enough conservative voters in that district to make that a reality. I haven't seen the organization or energy from the conservative candidates to make me think they'll end up being able to get moving and make a run-off election. Not with a LOT of help and a LOT of things going their way.

There may or may not be more candidates that enter the race for District 2. I'd bet on more, especially at this rate...

More on both races as things progress. Oh yeah, more on the race for Carl Robinson's seat as well.

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