Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Results...Told Ya So...

Hey you guys remember that vato that told you that the former Reyes supporters that were going to help What's-Her-Name in the race for Congress weren't going to be a factor?

Do you remember that vato that said that What's-Her-Name wasn't going to do any better than the previous sacrificial lambs from the GOP?

Remember the vato that said not only was she not going to do any better, but that she wouldn't do any better than Tim Besco did against Congressman Reyes?

I do.

And I'm that vato. And I was right.

Taking a look at the election results and you can see performance of the two candidates:

Tim Besco (Against Congressman Reyes in 2010) 36.53%
What's Her Name (Against Beto in 2010) 32.82%

That means Tim Besco out-performed her by 3.71%. And lets remember, Besco wasn't even a popular candidate within the GOP. He'd managed to piss off the College Republicans something fierce.


Oh yeah, and remember that I said that I thought Justice Antcliff and Judge Hicks would out-perform the other Republicans countywide?

They did.

I know I have a legion of haters - but I'm usually right on this stuff...

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