Sunday, November 11, 2012

Elections Department & City of El Paso Need to Fix This ASAP

Long lines at the polling places is a good problem to have, but even President Obama in his victory speech mentioned how important it was for that to get fixed.

El Paso has its own problems with that. From what I've seen its the speed of the election workers signing people in. The County needs to have more than one person do that because it creates a bottle neck and people hate seeing long lines and voting booths that aren't being used.

Thats what makes people cranky standing in line. Its one thing if they are all being used. But when there is a line and empty booths voters are rightfully upset.

Also, how about some customer service training for the workers. I sometimes think the County looks for the grouchiest and rudest people they can find this side of the DMV to man the polling places. The last thing I want to do is put up with some old geezer's attitude when I had to stand in line to vote.

The City needs to figure out a solution to another problem. If there is a location that is city property and is an early voting site, the city should at a MINIMUM post an announcement on Election Day that it is no longer a polling place on Election Day and instruct voters to go to their home precinct.

Frankly, they should have a city staffer there to direct people where to go. Its a minimal cost to have someone sit there with a laptop and look up addresses and precinct numbers for voters. If my buddy Jose Landeros and I hadn't done it at Carolina on Election Day for a couple of hours I can tell you for a fact that a couple hundred voters at that location alone wouldn't have known where to go vote. I used my iPad and he used his iPhone and we were able to quickly look up the info and get people where they needed to go.

There's really no reason we should've had to do that. That should've been done by the City.

Fix it please. These are easy fixes that would really help voters out and are useful in any election, not just the big Presidential.

(SIDEBAR - This isn't really a criticism of Javier Chacon. After working closely with the Elections Department over the years I can honestly see his work is, as we say, a toda 'madre.)


Mirian said...

Considering the fact the voter lists have bar codes, they could scan the names and check people in. Also, they have voter numbers, so instead of writing your name down when you sign in, just write the number.

What's the point of digitization f you aren't fully utilizing it?

Thomas said...

Sorry to tell everyone the voting process in the U.S,Texas is archaic,outdate,broken,partisan.Russia was even making fun of our process of voting this time around and rightly point out that our system of elections are anything but truly democratic.Even Iraq has done a better job at elections than the U.S..We need to get the parties out of the voting process and form a non-partisan,unbiases national election commission to run elections in the U.S. as other first world countries have.Nope,this will not happen because it would be harder to manipulate the elections by both parties and maybe bring a standard to the whole nation in how we hold our elections which both party leadership would never stand for.