Wednesday, November 14, 2012

EPISD Board Meeting Part 1

So I went to my first EPISD board meeting in a while last night. Lots of stuff to go over but I'm gonna do it in two posts.

First, lets go over the fun stuff and we'll get the the icky stuff later.

On the union-front there has been a dust-up between the El Paso Teachers Association (EPTA) and the El Paso Federation of Teachers. They are each part of their larger organizations the Texas State Teachers' Association and the American Federation of Teachers respectively.

EPTA won exclusive consultation with the district late last school year. They came in and campaigned for it. They actually used some pretty damning video of the Federation's president Lucy Clark speaking before the EPISD School Board advocating for the crappy health insurance plan no one in the district likes but they are stuck with by state law.

Apparently the election was contested and recently Mr. Butler, the new EPISD Superintendent settled the matter and EPTA still has the exclusive consultation. So they are the big dog in terms of a teacher's association in the district.

SIDEBAR: A guy from the Federation named Ross Moore mocked a parent that was speaking to the board. He said, "you should be able to pass a breathalyzer if you are going to get on the microphone" to another teacher. I happen to know the parent they were mocking and to my knowledge he's not a drinker. I let Mr. Moore know that. But it was a complete lack of professionalism and class. And I'm quite certain he wouldn't say that to the parent's face. Just thought I'd put him on blast for doing that because there are a lot of great teachers out there that are supportive of parents as partners in education and shouldn't be tainted by the act of one individual teacher's remarks.

The other thing that was interesting was something that seemed pretty mundane of an agenda item. The renaming of a baseball field at El Paso High School. Former City Rep Elvia Hernandez, a grad of EPHS, asked that they not rename the field and keep it the name it currently has. Tiger Field I think.

The agenda item was to rename it after a prominent African-American athlete George Hodge. Don't get me wrong, I understand why they would want to be absolutely certain about naming something after someone considering I think a school was/is named after someone in the public corruption scandal. But based on the guys bio that was read at the meeting, I'm not sure why the trustee who represents the area wanted to postpone the agenda item to do her "due diligence".

Uh, shouldn't you have already done that?

More on the EPISD fun later.

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Anonymous said...

Isela Castanon Williams was head of the EPFT at EPCC. She actually split that oranization from members who were w/EPTA. She's close w/Lucy Clarke and favored EPFT in the negotiations. Her lack of objectivity is another reason she should resign.