Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gandara, Gandara, Gandara, Gandara, & Gandara

If memory serves, former State Senator Eliot Shapleigh might have been the one who dubbed the Gandara's the Kennedy's of the Valley. I could be wrong about that but I know he used to speak very highly of them.

What a difference an election cycle makes.

Willie Gandara Jr is being sentenced today for drug trafficking charges.

Willie Gandara Sr still faces court.

Jesus Gandara Sr has legal problems.

Jesse Gandara has some legal issues as well.

The only member of the Gandara family in elective office that is NOT facing any kind of charges, investigation, or legal issues right now is Gary Gandara who is a member of the Socorro Independent School District Board of Trustees.

I recall having a conversation with Jesse Gandara, who is a member of the Socorro city council and he was complaining at the time about the fact that now Commissioner-elect Vince Perez was campaigning on ending Gandara politics. He told me he was supporting Rudy Loya at the time because he didn't like all the Gandara's being painted with the same brush.

A still on-going investigation popped up during the run-off election and the very day I saw him at a restaurant in Socorro it turns out investigators had visited his home.

Not sure what he has to say about that brush these days, but he recently released another video. I wasn't going to comment on it because I thought it was silly. I mean the guy lays out a wide-ranging conspiracy theory full of factual errors and he decides to set it to music?

And he expects to be taken seriously?

Thats just what Socorro needs right now during the height of all its problems. A sitting member of city council alleging a conspiracy theory...set to music.

Terrible music at that.

There's a lot in this video but let me just hit the highlights. He refers to both Sheriff Wiles and a deputy or detective as "sheriff". There is only one sheriff, the others are deputies.

Yes, Wiles lost every precinct in Socorro when he ran opposed.

Sort of.

Lets start with being honest, there aren't that many precincts in Socorro. He lost all of them in the Democratic Primary that he won handily. If I had a truth-meter I'd call that half true. I could equally say, in the same election cycle, that Sheriff Wiles won EVERY precinct in Socorro handily. In the general he beat a Republican, from the valley, very handily.

I should also mention what you are all thinking but are afraid to say...he's white and he did that.

The rest of it just comes across as sorta "out there".

The music part is seriously freakin' annoying. I don't know who told Jesse that fighting it out on YouTube was a wise public relations move but who ever it was should never be allowed to give political advice.

To anyone.


I'm serious.

Following the end of the all of these cases perhaps the people of Socorro and the valley will truly be able to realize the change they voted for in the last election. Perhaps then, and maybe only then, will Socorro truly be able to realize its full potential and take its place in the Borderland as a partner in good government and a thriving community.

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