Thursday, November 8, 2012

Homeboy / Douche Bag Awards

Okay, its been awhile so lets give out the Homeboy of the Week and Douchebag of the Week Award.

Don't worry, my usual post-election awards are coming later. (Send me your suggestions by the way)

So lets get to the Douchebag of the Week Award first. The voters of Vinton. You have obstructionist members of your town council that make Sunland Park look like a well-oiled machine. Why you people haven't tried to get a recall effort or something else going is beyond me.

Word on the street in Vinton (Yes, the Lion Star Empire extends all the way out to Vinton) is that at least one of the members of town council has a personal relationship with someone involved with a septic tank service. Of course that is least until someone in the media starts poking around and asking questions.

For your own good, do something about those people.

Homeboy of the Week Award goes to all the campaign volunteers that worked for candidates or for/against the propositions. Block walking, phone banking, poll-sitting, and driving voters to the polls is hard work and its often a thankless job that few ever even see. Regardless of what campaign you worked on, you made your voice heard. Your work wasn't wasted time if your candidate/issue didn't win. So you all get the Homeboy of the Week Award.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jaime,
I've covered Vinton. Municipalities the size of Vinton cannot, under Texas law, have a recall election. Their only legal recourse is to file a complaine with a District Judge, who can then refer the case to the County or District Attorney. The DA or CA then determine weather they want to investigate and could possible remove the elected officer. It's actually very similar to whistleblower processes. And Vinton residents officially began that process about two weeks ago, so they are doing something about their city alderpersons. Hope that helps! - Maria G.

The Lion Star said...

It does. Thank you.

Maybe I should just give the award to the obstructionist members of Vinton village council.