Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nico Dominguez Follow-Up

I just wanted to clarify a few points about my criticism and call for Nico Dominguez's resignation as President of the one of the LULAC Chapters in El Paso.

The reason I think he should step down is because LULAC's do a lot of good in this community. They don't deserve to be connected to controversy that has nothing to do with the organization. I mentioned his position with LULAC for context and out of reaction because KVIA mentioned it in their coverage. As a Chicano activist I feel totally justified in stating that Dominguez's actions in speaking in support of an admitted drug trafficker bring unfair discredit upon the organization.

LULAC's reputation in the community should not be jeopardized because Dominguez chose to act on his friendship and association with the Gandara's.

This community suffers from a crisis in confidence in elected officials because of the on-going public corruption scandal. Dominguez, and all elected officials in this community, owe it to their constituents to earn the confidence of the people. That deficit in trust is further comprised by Dominguez' support of Willie Gandara Jr.

I understand and value friendship, but as an elected official he has a higher duty to his constituents to maintain the level of faith and trust in leaderhsip

The image of neither LULAC nor the EPCC Board should have to be jeopardized because of matter unrelated to either organization.

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