Tuesday, November 6, 2012

O.M.G!!!! What the Hell Happened on ABC 7 Xtra?

I missed ABC 7 Xtra and didn't see it until last night. I went to watch it online at the KVIA website because I was getting a barrage of text messages and emails asking me one question.

What is wrong with Stephanie Townsend-Allala?

First let me say, she's a friend. Great person.

We disagree on the stadium and proposition issues and we've had talks about it. I was hoping she'd make me understand the opposition a little bit better.

Frankly she's the opposition's best person to articulate the message. But for whatever reason on Sunday night, she didn't perform well at all. And trust me, I'm being nice when I say that.

Watch the video for yourself. In my opinion, she came across rude, aggressive, and confrontational.

Its not like she doesn't understand mass communications. She's a journalist. If memory serves, I think she actually started ABC 7 Xtra. She should know better than to lose her cool on TV. She should know better than to talk over someone and be argumentative.

People stop listening to you when that happens. You become the topic of discussion rather than your argument.

I think Townsend-Allala would like a Mulligan.


Anonymous said...

You sir are a nice man. The reality is that she sounded NUTS and the Kiss FM interview (which has been posted on their website) is possibly even better than that. The more she seems to talk the worse her group looks.

Jackie said...


That sh*t was cray.

Pifas said...

I don't mind a discussion, but STA only tries to out-shout her opponent and doesn't even make her point, she just throws out accusations. So of course I listened to Norma's show (for the first time on Monday) to hear Stephanie's take on it because I knew she would be on. At one point, it hit me where she got her style, and it was when Stephanie, Norma and Theresa were all talking at the same time on the show. I thought: dime con quien te juntas, y te digo quien eres.

The Lion Star said...

Best comment in the history of this blog vato!

The Lion Star said...

I was being diplomatic. It was a train wreck.

The Lion Star said...

It was honey boo boo cra!

Anonymous said...

DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!!!!!

bat shit crazy.