Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prop 1-2-3 Results

This election, more than anything else, proved one important fact.

El Paso is not a divided city.

On the contrary, based on the results of the elections we affirmed that we are pretty solidly united in our views.

So before the Excuse Express gets going out there about the Propositions, let me be clear. The Propositions didn't pass because of some conspiracy, or because people lied to the public, or because of money.

There was plenty of information out there about both sides of the issue. The Props passed because El Pasoans want to move forward. It also didn't help that the opposition to the Props started fundraising far too late to put any meaningful resources in the field, which is where an election is won or lost.

It also didn't help that the people making their case were frequently inaccurate in statements of facts. Oh yeah..and ABC 7 Xtra.

Representative Niland was publicly accused of doing something she didn't do. The accusation was inaccurate. Its okay to be wrong, but you should acknowledge and apologize when you are.

The person who really made the statement Niland was accused of making (something along the lines of saying Rep Lily had dementia) was actually City Manager Joyce Wilson. Thats certainly gonna cause some problems with the old work relations department.

(Sidebar: There's no way that Joyce Wilson should go unpunished for that one by the way. Its entirely inappropriate, to say nothing of it being unprofessional, for her to make comments like that.)

A couple of candidates for City Council, who's election isn't until NEXT YEAR, for some strange and inexplicable reason, chose to take positions on the propositions. Politically it made no sense what-so-ever. And now, if their opposition is smart, they are probably going to end up getting whacked by their opponents for it.

So just to summarize things. We are not divided about the ball park and propositions. There was no cover-up or conspiracy as to the election results. Their voice was loud and clear. No document dump will every change that fact.

I'm pretty sure there's going to be an Open Records request for all emails relating to anyone who ever voted on, spoke of, or thought about taking a position of any kind on the ball park and propositions, sent to Yahoo, Google, and AOL later today.

Oh yeah, one last thing. I have to give the opposition props for something they did. They managed to get a plug in for their website at a city council meeting. Somebody remind me to do that next time there is the call to the public. Why I haven't thought of that yet is beyond me!

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