Thursday, November 1, 2012

Republican Fred Chavez Was in the Halloween Spirit at Pavo Real

Looks like Republican candidate for El Paso County Commissioner Precinct 3, Fred Chavez, was in the Halloween spirit yesterday.

He showed up to Pavo Real and was passing out treats to voters. And by treats, I mean this pen / flashlight (honestly, its pretty cool). As you can see its clearly a political message on the item. I'm pretty sure this is a violation of election code. I'll double check, but thats how it looks to me.

Not only did he hand out treats, he was apparently dressed in a costume. Okay, he wasn't. But with his big mustache and a big Tejana, he sorta reminded me of a cross between Emiliano Zapata and Yosemite Sam. I kept wondering if he was gonna call me a "varmint".

I got curious and decided I was gonna check out his finance report to see how much those pens cost. Turns out, the judge, as he is fond of introducing himself as, didn't actually file all of his campaign finance report. He filed paperwork for what his contributions were, but he didn't file any report of what his expenses were.

Here's a link to the report so you can see for yourself.

Uh-oh, looks like the judge made a mistake.

Along with passing out the pens.

Along with not having the word "for" on his push-cards.

Along with not having the word "for" on his pends either.

He meandered out by Alameda and didn't really talk to any voters after being there for a few minutes. I have no clue what he was doing. He wasn't waving at vehicles while holding a campaign sign. He was just kinda wandering around. Then he asked another candidate for a ride.

The whole thing was pretty entertaining.

Fun stuff huh?

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