Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Secession & Nullification - Neo Confederates

In the days following the re-election of President Obama I have heard a steady drumbeat across American from Republicans and their Libertarian little siblings.

(SIDEBAR - Apologies to my Libertarian friends on the right, but lets be honest. You are on the right. You aren't this perfect utopian mix of the best of Liberalism and the best of Conservatism. You are conservatives. You never hear of the Libertarian wing of the Democratic Party. You only hear of the Libertarian wing of the Republican Party. Why? Cuz you're Republicans essentially. Sorry, but someone has to say it. But at least the ones in El Paso are motivated and are doers. God bless their less than 1% of the vote hearts, but they have been far more effective at shaping the Republican Party than the Republican Party has to be quite frank. Take a look around, the young people in the GOP are Republicans. And they're getting good. Just look at how many of them ran campaigns for the GOP)

Anyway, back to the drumbeat. The steady drumbeat sounds a lot like "WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't get my way, I can't grasp the reality that a majority of Americans supported the President so I wanna take my ball and go home."

Boo-effin-who. Put your big boy pants on and deal with the reality.

A Democratic President was re-elected. Since the Electoral College is still the process we use (which I don't support by the way), Obama won handily. And before you whip out popular vote numbers...lets remember a Republican had less of the popular vote and was selected by the Supreme Court to be President. And we had to deal with it.

So Obama was re-elected and America sent a binder full of women to Congress.

Suck it.

Now Republicans and Libertarians are talking about secession and nullification? And we're supposed to take that crap seriously? I refrained from jumping on this topic earlier because I didn't want to dignify it with a response but someone has to stand up to the march of the insane towards a neo-confederacy.

In fact, thats what we should call them. Neo-Confederates.

The whole idea of not being able to deal with the results of an election and deciding to take their ball and go elsewhere has been around since the Primary election in this town. Make no mistake, there is no difference between the Neo Confederates and the Sore Loser Democrats.

The exact same level of detachment from reality that makes Sore Loser Democrats is the same witch's brew of crazy that makes Neo Confederates.

If secession is stupidity personified, then nullification is its ugly kid sister. And frankly there are so many levels of hypocrisy here its almost comical. The idea that people are signing a petition to secede is hilarious. They went from misspelled signs as Tea Party rallies that said "We came without our guns, this time!" to signing an online petition? And then you have "Constitutionalists" advocating for secession and nullification?

I'm being punked right? Ashton Kutcher is somewhere with a hidden camera ready to jump out of some bushes right?

Because this can't be real.

I know people want to romanticize the idea of nullification, an idea that went out of fashion more than a century and a half ago, but lets have a little fidelity to history shall we? John C. Calhoun and other people from the south used the idea to promote the further extension of slavery in the United States.

But aside from reliving the Civil War, nullification represent the surrender of America. And its uniquely unpatriotic.

Nullification is counter-productive to the greatest of American political values - COMPROMISE. You know, that silly little thing that was used to create this nation? Nullification says if I don't like a law, screw it, I don't have to follow it. It literally takes the United out of United States of America.

Hell nullification would essentially create 50 little kingdoms off doing their own thing with only a loose association with one another. Oh great, the Americas version of the European Union.


And don't give me this crap that nullification is only for when the feds over-step their bounds. Who decides if they over-step their bounds. And oh by the way, we already have a solution for that...its called the Supreme Court. You remember the judicial branch of government right? Its that branch of government created through...wait for it...COMPROMISE!

Nullification is predicated on the idea that the federal government is not the boss of me. So by definition, there is really no limit to the extent of nullification. Which makes people who believe that is a rational solution for America, the Mayor of Crazytown!

And don't get me started on international relations. The US would not be able to speak with foreign governments as though it speaks with one voice when there are 50 little kingdoms.

You want to secede from America? You don't have to.

Just do what Romney said to do. Self-deport.

And yes, my friend Isabel Gonzalez is right. We Texas joke about being our own country because we like being annoyingly proud of being Texans. Its our God-given right to do so, especially at football games. But this is real.

You can't have a government that is being undermined by what constituted the government in the first place.

Nullification is anti-constitutional.

Nullification is the government of the Articles of Confederation. Which is EXACTLY what the Constitutional Convention was created to fix.

In fact, if the Constitution were a person, I'm pretty sure it would kick nullification's ass and stand over it and declare:

"Don't Tread on Me!"


ed2point0 said...

One question to the person who posted this: have you ever talked to a libertarian or are you just projecting your own prejudices on libertarians? Because if you are, you'll be shocked when you meet a libertarian in real life. As a libertarian anarchist, I am not surprised that you think libertarianism and conservatism are the same thing. Conservatives already don't like libertarians on social issues and foreign policy so libertarians aren't liked by conservatives or progressives. But hey I won't let your prejudices get in the way of your post.

Erik said...

The tenth amendment states:

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

This means that if the federal government claims a power outside its bounds as outlined by the Constitution, state governments should be able to ignore that power as only the state governments have authority over it.

And the supreme court was never meant to be the sole decider of constitutional matters. One does not need a law degree to understand "Congress shall make no law". The Constitution was written as a contract (more or less) between "The People" and the federal government - and thus if the government violated their part, the people were to reject its authority (most mildly by electing new politicians).

Anonymous said...

Jaime, I think the main reason we are in the Republican Party is because Ron Paul led the battle to infiltrate that specific party. Running third party does not work, as you noted in your blog. But I think it'll be easier to take over the GOP since most of them are.... getting old. This new wave of young libertarians will quickly fill their spots. Then, we will make the GOP, as farfetched as this may sound, cool. ;)

Anonymous said...

I must say that the idea of secession is not unpatriotic at all on the contrary it is Patriotic. It was Thomas Jefferson who commented that dissent is the greatest form of patriotism. Our government was set up to be a form of checks and balances on the government itself, if the states are unhappy then they could leave, this would cause great financial strain on the federal govt among other issues and would cause COMPROMISE to occur. More than anything else this movement is to remind the federal govt that they answer to the people and despite all the corruption and fealth that both parties have plagued our Republic with, there are still constituents who are willing to practice there constitutional rights. While many in the media mock this movement or claim that it is unpatriotic they fail to mention that not one shot has been fired, no one has called for civil unrest, and many who have signed are former military. Whether it is occupy wall street calling for redistribution of wealth or we libertarians fighting for the civil liberties of those calling for the Redistribution of wealth, challenging and upsetting the federal government is incredibly All American. History has shown that COMPROMISE usually begins with radical movements and ideas.

Anonymous said...

Secession=Treason against the Union, simple, end of story.

For the wingnuts whining about "loss of civil liberties", just which policies can y'all point to under Obama that weren't started under Bush Jr, especially relating to National Security?

Better yet, where were those right-wing "loss of civil liberties" arguments when Bush Jr signed the most anti-Constitutional piece of legislation in his term, the deliberately misnamed "Patriot" Act, the one which guts our 4th, 5th, 6th & 8Th Amendments in the guise of National Security and fighting "freedom hating terrorists"?

That Obama isn't getting bashed from the right for expanding on unchecked authority with Drone strikes-in which the targets aren't even identified by name now-or indefinite detention, or warrantless spying on US citizens, in addition to his use of the Bush/Cheney inspired "Patriot" Act shows stunning hypocrisy, if Obama is such a tyrant, why stay silent regarding those "national security" powers he has at his disposal?

The NRA is caterwauling about Obama "taking away your guns", but since his Administration can get membership and financial information about that group without a warrant, why isn't there a clamor on the right to roll back such unchecked power in that respect, where were these "loss of civil liberties" righties when they had the chance to stand for our Constitution at a most critical time?

Simple, these were the same powers claimed by Bush/Cheney, so criticism of such policies when wielded by a Republican President is strictly forbidden, which is why the same anti-Obama wingnuts weren't calling for either impeachment or aggressive criminal prosecutions of the Bush/Cheney Administration for it's attacks on our Constitution.

On what world does the Affordable Care Act result in the "loss of our civil liberties" more than the "Patriot" Act?

When Bush Jr was installed by the Supreme Court as President-in spite of having 500,000 fewer popular votes than Gore-I didn't say, or write, that El Paso split from the US or Texas, a stand which didn't change when Bush Jr stole the 2004 elections via Ohio. I wanted to see him impeached, but didn't fool myself into thinking that was going to happen, especially after Nancy Pelosi said that option was "off the table" after the Democrats took back the House of Representatives in 2006.

I kept such secession BS in my pants politically during the two term Bush/Cheney Administration, the anti-Obama shrieking harpies from the right can damn well do the same, if they want to leave the Union, they can do so, but leave the US, be logically consistent and don't stay on US soil, just like parishioners and congregants don't get to take church property and belongings with them from a church they no longer agree with.

But for those arguing in favor of Texas seceding from the Union, then El Paso gets to secede from Texas, we'd probably get a much better shake if we joined up with New Mexico anyways.

Thankfully, all this bitter whining from the losers won't go anywhere other than petitions, there won't be any large-scale organized efforts to bring about such a stupid course of action, one which would result in the same outcome as it did with the Civil War.

Union now, union forever.


Anthony Snow said...

The tag on this page states that anyone posting as Anonymous will not be approved, yet I see TWO posts agreeing with the author that are Anonymous being posted.

You clearly don't understand one thing - Libertarians aren't Republicans. I didn't vote for Gary Johnson because of Ron Paul, I voted because of Gary Johnson. If you're going to say Libertarians are Republicans exclusively, then you need to include the Socialist Party as part of the Democrats.