Thursday, November 8, 2012

Well, That's Awkward...

State Representative-Elect Joe Moody's win over State Representative Dee Margo was a dramatic ending to a night filled with emotion from a national election.

The biggest story of the race has been the fact that two fellow Democratic members of the El Paso delegation publicly supported the Republican candidate, and by their own admission, for personal reasons.

As I said before, and unnecessary move because the two could've been privately supportive and faced very little blow-back.

Well, Moody won the 3rd bout between the two and he is now returning to Austin to represent El Paso. So, what does that mean for Representatives Gonzalez and Marquez? It means that the pottery barn rule kicks in. You break it, you bought it.

If there will be division in the delegation, its certainly going to be their fault and they need to own it. Time for them to examine their actions.

Things are going to be extremely awkward now when they head to Austin. There is a pretty big fault line in the house delegation. Gonzalez and Marquez teamed up against Moody. By contrast Rep-Elect Mary Gonzalez was all-in for fellow Democrat Joe Moody. Representative Pickett, the senior member of the delegation, stayed out of it. He's going to have to make the delegation play nice.

Senator Jose Rodriguez will also play a role in that respect as well.

But numbers tell the story. I mentioned the vulnerability of Naomi Gonzalez previously and her high number of under-votes while running unopposed.

Looks like Rep Marquez has to deal with the same issue. Here's a look at her numbers.

Check out the under-vote. You'd have to factor in things like straight ticket Republican votes, but at any rate she's got a really high number of under votes.

She received more than 24K votes, but over ten thousand people in her district under-voted

Somebody is in trouble if a well-funded and viable candidate runs in the race. And word on the street is that there are going to be a couple of polls run within the next few days to gauge support of Marquez following the election.


Bobby Byrd said...

Jaime, I was one of those under votes for Marisa. I was very disappointed in Marisa's and Naomi's support of Dee Margo. Your blog post here gives me an opportunity to make my under vote public, and I thank you for that. My best to you. Bobby

Anonymous said...

No unity Straihjt Party Democrat. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

talking about under votes; So did Sheriff Wiles, Bernal,Pickett, Mary Gonzalez, and many others = but guess what, they won anyways - Joe Moody is a follower, poor pitiful guy; hope he does something...Lil Joe won't help Vinton, nor his new district- habla espanol?