Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Working on Bio Pieces for Muni Candidates

Okay people, I'm working on a bio / introductory piece to all the municipal candidates. I've sent them a questionnaire asking just basic biographical information.

I'm doing this because a lot of the candidates are people you probably have never heard of and I wanted to give you some context before the race heats up. So watch for those pieces to be posted soon, maybe as early as later today.

Here are the questions I posed to the candidates. Again, its just a bio/introductory piece:



Education (Please include elementary, middle, high school, and post-secondary education):

Military Service (Please indicate branch, years of service, rank achieved, and military occupational specialty):


Professional Experience:

Community Involvement:

Though its a non-partisan race, please indicate your general political persuasion:

What are your priority issues for the district?:

What are the first three acts you would undertake as a member of Council?:

How often have you voted in elections in El Paso? (going back ten years):

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