Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Byrd Endorses Candidate in Precinct 2 Race

City Representative Susie Byrd has thrown her support behind a candidate in the race to replace her in City Rep District 2.

In a text message sent to me earlier this afternoon, Byrd said "I'm 100% behind Jim Tolbert. He's been a great neighborhood leader and advocate for smart growth."

This is exactly the sort of thing that Tolbert needed to be competitive in this race. If he ends up getting some money as well, then I think Yanez and Apodaca need to start worrying because he's from the same neighborhood that has owned that seat for nearly a decade.

The public sign that she's behind Tolbert changes the tone of this race greatly. This means if you aren't in the race yet, you should probably sit this one out.


Anonymous said...

Excellent news! Thanks to Susie. Jim Tolbert is the forward thinking, action oriented candidate we need on City Council. If you want a bright future for El Paso, support Jim Tolbert.

judy Ackerman

Anonymous said...

I fully support Jim Tolbert for City Council. He's a progressive candidate who will be a shining light for El Paso's future. A vote for Jim Tolbert is a vote for a stronger future for El Paso.

Fred Eiland

rick bonart said...

This is really great news. I strongly support Jim Tolbert as well. I've worked with Jim on a number of issues and I think he's the right man for the job.

Rick Bonart

Anonymous said...

I'm strongly supporting Jim Tolbert's candidacy for District Two City Representative with everything that I've got. Jim will do a great job on City Council representing the district he was born and raised in (he's a graduate of Austin High School). Let's all get behind Jim and help him win this race!--Richard Teschner

Anonymous said...

I support Jim Tolbert for District 2 City Representative. He's proven himself to be for what's best for all of the citizens of El Paso and not special interests. He is the quality of life candidate, serving on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the Open Space Advisory Board. He's the kind of candidate that El Paso needs. - Charlie Wakeem

Anonymous said...

Great news for the City of El Paso! (The only downfall to Jim being on Council is that he won't be able to do all the great things he's doing now!) Go, Jim, go! - Jennifer Barr

Anonymous said...

Will Tolbert also acknowledge the existence of the poor Mexicans in El Paso and their needs or continue to pursue the ethnic cleansing policies that his white intown hippie liberal hypocrits espouse?