Thursday, December 6, 2012

Candidate Profile: Michael Apodoaca - Candidate, City Rep District 2

Name: Michael Apodaca

Hometown: El Paso

Education (Please include elementary, middle, high school, and post-secondary education): 

Rusk Elementary, Bassett Middle, Austin High School, University of Texas El Paso 2007 BA

Military Service (Please indicate branch, years of service, rank achieved, and military occupational specialty):


Occupation: Small-business owner

Professional Experience: business owner, Consultant

Community Involvement: 

2009-2012 – Organizing for America
2002-2006 – Precinct Chair, El Paso Democratic Party
2004-2010 – State Democratic Executive Committee
2012 – Texas Democratic Party State Treasurer
2005-2007 - Texas Young Democrats President
2012 – EPISD Redistricting Committee Chair
2000-2002 – Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership

Though it’s a non-partisan race, please indicate your general political persuasion:


What are your priority issues for the district?:

Our district, like our city, is in a period of a Renaissance. Yes, our parks and streets have been improved, but our district continues to seek progress beyond communal necessities. It is no secret that our government is not as open or accepting of different opinions or options, which exclude certain areas of our community. These will be the priorities for District Two:

1) Our district is perfect to grow small businesses. I will work towards making District a small-business incubator of our city to grow small businesses in our area and promote the current ones in the district.

2) I will continue to work to expand our public transportation priorities and push for a plan to bring a citywide light rail project.

3) I will create a plan that will encourage movement back to District Two, which will include filling in vacant properties in areas that can use new smart growth development, and creating programs with other entities that will help redevelop communities.

What are the first three acts you would undertake as a member of Council?:

1) Within the first 40 days of my term, I will promote a series of conferences with community/business leaders and anyone who is interested in forming initiatives for the next eight years in our district.

2) I will reach out to our outgoing city representative to ensure a smooth transition. I need to make sure that any outstanding case work and projects that are being worked on at the moment of transition period are followed through.

3) I will seek to further expand on our ethics rules to further close the “culture of corruption” by placing a limit on campaign contributions to council members, candidates, and PACs per election cycle.

How often have you voted in elections in El Paso? (going back ten years): I’ve voted in every election that I know of. The only one I have missed, which I just learned, was the 2010 EPISD Bond because I was out of the city at the time.

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