Monday, December 3, 2012

Candidate Profile: Todd S. Miller - Candidate, District 7

Name: Todd S. Miller

Office: Candidate, El Paso City Representative District 7


Knoxville, Tennessee


Bachelor's of Divinity Degree with a minor in Christian Counseling; pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration through the University of Phoenix

Military Service: 

United States Army. Human Resources Specialist – Medical Discharge


Investment Manager

Professional Experience: 

Current occupation and military service.

Community Involvement: Charity work through current employer.

General Political Persuasion: Conservative

What are your priority issues for the district?: 

Transparency in government. Beef up police and fire. Encourage transparency in school districts.

What are the first three acts you'd undertake as a member of city council?: 

Beef up police and fire, fight for teachers to get annual pay raises, and implement an open door policy to better serve constituents.

How often have you voted in elections in El Paso?: 

Never. Arrived to El Paso in 2003. Voted in the 2008 election in Bexar County.


Anonymous said...

.... Is this a Tom Brown spin-off candidate? Been in El Paso for nearly 10 years, never voted, and inexplicibly voted in Bexar County LOL

Beef up fire and police? Do they really need to be "beefed" up? If so, how and at what expense?

Teachers' raises? You're running for the wrong governmental body dude.

Anonymous said...

He still has the suit tag on his right arm. If this guy cant afford 1 suit or forgot to take off the tag I think is a bad sign haha

Anonymous said...

Actually it is his left arm. Also it must be a higher end suit as they are the only ones that come with tags on the arm. I say don't judge a book by it's cover.

Anonymous said...

Great man!!!!!! Served with him and he is a great patriot and leader. A bit unorthodox but always get's results. Performs tons of chariry work and will give the shirt off his back for a complete stranger. Is a true people person and public servant. Win or lose in may, GREAT MAN!!!!!!!!