Monday, December 10, 2012

Down Goes Margo, Down Goes Margo

Let me make yet another boxing analogy with politics if I may. In their back and forth matches, State Representative-Elect Moody has now defeated Representative Dee Margo in two of their three match-ups. When you combine that with his previous senate run, Representative Margo has now lost 3 out of the 4 campaigns he's been in.

With that kind of record in boxing, most analysts and promoters would be telling a fighters team, its time to hang'em up. But like most fighters, they don't listen. Actually a fighter is the last to know when his career is down. They are the last to realize that they aren't as quick as they used to be. They get caught with shots they didn't used to get caught with. They cut a little easier. Its harder to make weight. They tire earlier in the fight and their legs are gone.

Pick your fighter and they all have pretty much made the same mistake. They hung around too long. Ali, Foreman, Chavez, De La Hoya, Jones, Leonard, Hearns, Tyson, Carbajal, and yes, PacMan all have lost fights to fighters that they should've beaten. Well in PacMan's defense, Marquez is a great fighter and was robbed of a couple of victories earlier in their series.

The point is, Margo needs to know when to hang'em up. The driving issue, much to my surprise I might add, in this last campaign was education. Both candidates made that their main issue. Margo came up short.

Ironically, someone who voted for massive cuts in funding education, and lost an election in which his education policies were at the forefront, is now appointed to the EPISD board of managers by a Republican gubernatorial appointment.

Maybe Margo was right, its not what you know, its who you know.

Margo's appointment to the board means one thing for sure. He won't be running for mayor so all of you that have been calling me and asking me if he's running for mayor can rest assured that he probably isn't going to run for mayor.

Do I think he'll run for State Rep again? I have no clue but I think he'd be inclined to. But I have to admit, he'd be well positioned for a run a city council. Hell, he may decide to look at Commissioner's Court when Haggerty retires.

There are still lots of options out there. I honestly don't think we've seen the last of Dee Margo's name on a ballot.

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Anonymous said...

why are you always slammin on Dee Margo...who went after a thankless job in a democratic straight ticket town and got things done at the state level. I get it you dont like his education vote...Maybe the real answer is to deal with the teachers union effectively...but youd be against that too I imagine.