Thursday, December 6, 2012

Former Rodriguez Campaign Manager to Head Gallego Office

Cesar Blanco, who was at one point the campaign manager for Ciro Rodriguez when he ran against Quico Canseco in 2010, has been tapped to be the Chief of Staff for Congressman-Elect Pete Gallego.

Blanco has also been Ciro Rodriguez's Chief of Staff and District Director. Blanco is a native of El Paso, Texas.

Rodriguez and Gallego faced off in a tough Democratic primary that had Gallego pretty far behind going in to the run-off. Gallego ultimately pulled out a win in the primary and general elections to win the 23rd Congressional District which extends from El Paso to San Antonio.

“I’m excited to have Cesar on board,” said Congressman-elect Pete Gallego. “He doesn't need a learning curve. He brings experience and a deep familiarity to this job. He understands the unique makeup of the district, knows the people, has managed a Congressional office, and knows the key players. All these things benefit the constituents of District 23. He will be an exceptional public servant.”

“It’s an honor to serve my community in this capacity,” added Cesar Blanco, the incoming chief of staff. “This is a big responsibility. We will run an extremely effective congressional office that puts the needs of the constituents and the district first. Our office will work around the clock with the goal of making our constituents proud.”

Most recently, Cesar served as the Arizona State Director for Obama for America during the 2012 Presidential Election. Previously, he was the Western Region Political Director for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), serving as the Democratic Party’s principal liaison and political advisor for the West while working with 13 state parties and coordinating with the White House, Cabinet members, and the DNC Chair and Vice Chairs.

Sharp guy...and he's from Chucotown.

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Hispanic Farmers Association of El Paso said...

Mr. Blanco,

We are so glad Pete Gallego was successful. I think he has made a wise choice in hiring you. I would only ask that you keep in mind that the folks from Fabens, Clint, Tornillo, Ft. Hancock, Sierra Blanca, etc. voted Pete in, not the people from Chuco town. Seek the advice of Congressman Reyes' office, specifically Sal Payan, he really has helped out the rural area, veterans, Chicanos, farmers/ranchers, etc. A small sliver of El Paso is in this district, but the majority is rural, and our needs are different. The rich - republican - rednecks have turned much of lower valley El Paso and Hudspeth Counties into Colonias, and have laughed all the way to the bank, while our quality of life suffers. We need so much help because of the fact that most of our communities are unincorporated, which means we have no zoning, regulations, police protection. Hope you all can help out. Again, congrats to Pete and to you.

Hispanic Farmers Association of El Paso