Monday, December 17, 2012

Fun Facts on Comish Court Today

Unless there's an emergency meeting, today was the last meeting of Commissioner's Court for Commissioner's Anna Perez and Tania Chozet.

They were given some caricature portraits today during the meeting. Didn't get a photo though, sorry. As penance I have included this picture of Commissioner Perez's husband Art Fierro when he played football for Burges High School. I'm told he was one half of their very own Pony Express.

Commissioner Perez is now heading to the bench to serve as a judge. She was first elected to Commissioner's Court in 2008.

Also, another fun fact...the first blog I ever wrote here on The LionStar Blog was about the Precinct 1 race, ultimately won by Commissioner Perez.

Commissioner Perez will be followed by Commissioner-Elect Carlos Leon and Commissioner Chozet will be replaced by Commissioner-Elect Vince Perez.


Anonymous said...

What was the biggest accomplishment of the Commissioner's Court this year that didnt involve fattening a campaign contributors wallet? Thanks, and I'll listen for the answer off the air.

Anonymous said...

Re; The picture

Looks like Fernando Valenzuela.