Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mayors Race Will Be a Snoozer

The last election showed very clearly that despite a few loud voices out there, we are not a divided city. We are a city that pretty much agrees on the direction of El Paso.

The results of the proposition measures show that pretty clearly.

And thats exactly why the mayoral election is going to be one giant snoozer. Come back in May and read this blog post again and you'll see I'm right about this one.

City Rep Steve Ortega will be the next mayor of El Paso. Make no mistake about that. There is no one even remotely poised to be a credible challenger. Steve Ortega is exactly what El Paso voters love in a candidate. He's young, smart, dynamic, and progressive.

Take a look at nearly all of the races in town and really in the county for that matter over the last few years and you will see what I mean. I've made the point over and over that given the chance, El Pasoans will choose the younger and more progressive candidate.

I'm sure there will be an effort to make someone who isn't a credible challenger look like a credible challenger, but trust me there is no one out there right now poised to beat Ortega. You'd need a lot of money and no one else has started working yet. You'd need much more time to take out someone as formidable as Ortega and I just don't see anyone getting off their butt to do so. Plus, you have to have a candidate voters would prefer over Ortega.

Not gonna happen.

The only other person out there that I can think of that has articulated a desire to run for office doesn't appear to actually be doing anything significant. And don't give me the "its still early" argument. Its never too early. Especially when you are trying to defeat someone from a faction that is basically undefeated.

Get used to the idea people, you should get used to calling Steve O, Mayor Ortega.


Tim Collins said...

I don't know I think if I filed I could win as the Old, dumb, lethargic, and prodigious (think chubby) candidate.

Anonymous said...

Ya Right,give me a break

Anonymous said...

the race have not even started yet