Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Odds & Ends of the Day

Real quick, I just remembered on more thing to add for the candidates. Understand that you are running for city council.

Media isn't going to cover your campaign announcement. Its not really that big of a deal when you announce and thats why they don't care. Maybe if you're a compelling candidate for mayor or something then you'll get coverage, but odds are you won't get anyone to show up. The people that are able to get media to show up do so because there is something compelling about their candidacy or the circumstances and thats why media shows up.

Being a weirdo isn't enough.

Hell, I rarely cover a campaign announcement anymore. So don't get your feelings hurt if media doesn't show up.

BTW, some quick numbers that I found interesting about my blog. I've had over well over 1.67 million page views on this version of the L*B. This is my third version of it and I didn't track the others so I don't really know how many I have total. I've uploaded 391 videos on my YouTube Channel, although I've only had 86,699 views which is significantly less than page views to my blog.

Thats a lot of work over the years. And to think I offered UTEP and EPCC archives of my video and couldn't GIVE it away. Makes you shake your head and wonder.

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