Monday, December 3, 2012

Unconfirmed: District 7 Might Have Another Candidate

As I've mentioned before, District 7 is going to be an open seat. I expected a classroom size field of candidates to throw their hat in the ring to replace current City Rep and Mayoral Candidate Steve Ortega. Ortega is termed-out and in all likelihood will be the next mayor.

So its been pretty surprising to me that no one has thrown their hat in the ring to run for the seat other than former YISD trustee Ray Mendoza.

I heard a name thrown out there as a possible candidate and I will try to confirm with her within the next couple of days. Young, bright, attractive and has been pretty politically active at the grassroots level for a couple years now.

Compelling candidate if she gets the right team behind her. I'll update you all once I get more info.

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