Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yanez Responds to Rep Byrd

If you haven't seen the back and forth between the two, look further down on my blog to get yourself caught up.

Getsemani Yanez felt it necessary to respond to Rep Byrd, so here is what he sent me:

It is unfortunate that Representative Byrd has chosen to attack my candidacy due to differences in political opinion.  The facts still stand; Representative Byrd appointed me to City boards on three separate occasions. I admittedly missed a significant amount of meetings this past year due to conflicting schedules with my company’s client needs and my Master’s courses at UTEP – a major reason for having resigned.  However, I have not been removed from any civic organization; that is a lie.  In regards to her statement suggesting I padded my resume, I can only thank her for tapping me for these positions.  The knowledge and understanding I gained, thanks to her appointments, has given me a better understanding of the needs that exist in our community.

While I respect Representative Byrd immensely, she should focus on her constituency instead of my candidacy.  The Fort Blvd. Business Association has, in the past year and a half, requested help with City issues to which we have not received a single response. 

I hope she is able to put our differences aside for the benefit of the community we both love.


Getsemani YaƱez
Candidate for
El Paso City Council, District 2


Anonymous said...

This kid is a douchebag who can't win a race to save his life.

Anonymous said...

Literally everything that comes out of his mouth - his website, the biography he sent previously, his position on the propositions, and his responses to these allegations - scream "faaaakkeeee." Never met the guy, but he seems ridiculously phony. He is quite literally a caricature of a politician.