Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jose Alexandro Lozano & Jaime O. Perez - The Gifts That Keep on Giving

Ah yes, its that time of year again...its the time of year when people who aren't relevant struggle with their egos to hold on and do their best to get a little attention to stroke themselves into thinking they matter.

I'll get to my tocayo in just a moment...

But for now, lets talk about Lozano. As I've said for years, I can't figure out if he's the lost member of Los Tigres Del Norte or a twin of Father Guido that was separated at birth. Most of the time I take every candidate seriously and do my best to cover them no matter how ridiculous they are.

Except for JOP and Lozano. They really don't deserve serious consideration.

I'm actually only writing this because someone took exception to the fact that in my first piece about valley politics I referred to Cesar Blanco as State Representative Cesar Blanco. They said "hold on, he has an opponent in November." After I stopped laughing, I decided to write this piece.

Blanco is going to win and he's going to win by an enormous margin. Mostly for a few reasons. #1, he's a better candidate. #2 he's a more qualified candidate. #3 Blanco is running against a Libertarian and #4 he's running against Lozano.

You know why I don't take Lozano seriously? I mean aside from now running in his 3rd party in as many elections, Lozano is a joke. He's the same vato that once referred to Hillary Clinton as a "puta" in a recorded interview I posted a few years ago. Which was after he sent out campaign material of himself pictured with her.

Classy Lozano. Really classy.

I saw his sign the other day and it reminded me of the old days. When he had his restaurant. Back when I used to see him, Eddie Holguin and Melina Castro all hanging out there.

Its the same design.

He is now a Libertarian.

That really sucks for Libertarians because they don't really support him.

He just took their banner because, well, I don't really know why, other than because he was probably told to run as one by Jaime O. Perez.

Bottom line is, he's going to get creamed by Blanco. Not only because he's a Libertarian, but because he's not a really good candidate and doesn't reflect the values of the area he wants to represent.

But he was likely duped by JOP into running.

Which leads me to JOP. He's also running as a Libertarian and he's also going to get waxed.

I used to completely disagree withe JOP on policy, but I respected him.

That is no longer the case. I not only disagree with him on policy, but I no longer respect him. And the reason is because he lies.

Back when Eddie Hoguin committed political suicide by running against a very popular incumbent in County Judge Veronica Escobar for County Judge, and then getting creamed by her, JOP was not only his chief advisor (which explains why Holguin's campaign sucked so bad) but he was blogging.

He wrote a piece that I guess Perez thought was going to be helpful to Holguin. He made up some story that I basically took Holguin's lunch money and gave him a swirly at a Tejano Democrats event. That never happened and nothing remotely close to it happened at all.

JOP fabricated the whole thing and had the nerve to document his lie online.

When Tejano Democrats leadership confronted him about the issue, he pulled the piece down. Which is even funnier because Holguin actually won their endorsement.

I only point this out because JOP is on the ballot in November and I think its important that the electorate know that he lies.

As for Lozano, well I rather enjoy the fact that he's in the race even if he's going to get waxed. The only question is, who will lose by a bigger percentage of the vote, JOP or Lozano?

Maybe I'll start a pool. Let's do squares. $5 gets you in.

Kidding. Mostly.

On a serious note, candidates like JOP and Lozano do our community a disservice by putting their egos forward for the sake of attention rather than being involved in a meaningful discussion about important policy.

Oh well, at least when I see Lozano's poster it makes me wanna grab my dance partner and hold her tightly as we dance...

"Ya esta cerrada, con tres condadooooos...."

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