Friday, September 5, 2014

Recall Roulette

David K mentioned that a recent idea to dissolve the PSB would've ended in a recall effort of anyone who supported the idea. Since then I've been contacted by several people asking me to set him straight.

Well the truth is The Juice is correct. Recall, for all those eligible, is exactly what would've happened. Typically recall is an empty threat. Like when I say I'm gonna start going to the gym. But that's usually because it's the crazies that are behind recall attempts and they aren't organized or are ineffective in the way they go about doing it. And yes it's true, recalls are rare in El Paso. There's only been one in the entire county and that was a Gandara.

The point is, just because it's usually the crazies that initiate a recall doesn't mean other more organized and better-funded people can't do so.

In fact, there is one city council representative that should be the most nervous because she's the most vulnerable elected official in town.

City Rep Lily Limon.

She won by a razor thin margin against Tania Chozet in the last round of municipal elections. Razor thin. However, the people who undervoted in that election were several times the number by which Limon won.

I should know. I was one of them.

Limon didn't do anything to earn my vote and Chozet, well, I'm not particularly a fan of hers following a little conversation we had during budget session when she was the appointed commissioner for Precinct 3. She apparently took issue with the fact that I wrote that she may end up running for city council after her term was up at the County.

That bothered her. But apparently not enough to stop her from doing exactly that.

Go figure.

Frankly that race shouldn't have been that close. Limon had the Latino name, she had much more history in the district than Chozet, and there were complaints from Chozet supporters about Forma Groups performance. Although I found their Top Gun logo pretty interesting.

So Limon squeaked out a victory very narrowly against Chozet. Then she decides to ride shot-gun for Eddie Holguin and the Shaver lights. Then she went over budget on discretionary spending and asked for an increase in staff wages without wanting to vote to pay for it.

Oh and lest we forget the seating fiasco. Honestly I can not understand why Cortney Niland moved. Niland says that Limon was basically bullying her. Well you don't accomplish anything by moving. Hell if anything she should go get her seat back. She should make Limon have to sit between her and City Rep Claudia Ordaz. Both Niland and Ordaz won by comfortable margins, they have nothing to fear.

Limon faced an unsuccessful recall attempt earlier this year. But it was a constituent-driven recall. I can tell you that Limon isn't real popular with the Yucca Neighborhood Association either. It will be very interesting to see what an organized effort of people who know how to work a ground game can do in terms of gathering enough signatures to force a recall. If they get enough signatures, there will definitely be money available to support a candidate against her.

I know of at least one person ready to jump in the race of there's a recall.

Limon should take a look around at recent election results in areas around her. That alone should make her very nervous.

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