Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Will the Real Paso Del Norte Tejano Democrats Chapter Please Stand Up?

C'mon, a return of The Lion Star Blog would not be complete without having a little fun with the never-ending novela that is Blanche Darley (pictured on the right).

Take note of the date and time, but I'm about to speak highly of the Paso Del Norte Chapter of the Tejano Democrats. Since I've been gone, the PDN Tejanos have really cleaned up their act. They, for the first time in probably more than two decades, actually complied with campaign finance law and became a PAC.

Their meetings are largely drama-free, all the officers get along with each other, and their candidate forms are no longer a ride on the crazy train.

The reason?

Better leadership. Becky Bustamante (pictured on the left) was able to regain her position as the head of the organization after the last time that Blanche rigged it so that she could take it back from Bustamante the first time. I know, its confusing.

For years I was openly critical of how any respectable judge or other elected official could be a member of that organization with a straight face. They suffered a big loss in membership for a time as well, mostly due to the antics of Darley and her motley crue of followers. Not sure if those former followers died off, became disintrested with politics or upped their dosage of medication, but for whatever reason their number dwindled.

Bustamante along with a board of credible community leaders have worked hard to restore the integrity of the organization.

But alas, Darley will not go quietly into the night. She continues to assert that she's the rightful president of the organization. And like any deposed dictator of an unstable country, Darley is determined to rule from exile. She apparently has set up her own version of the Paso Del Norte Chapter of the Tejano Democrats.

However, word around the TDP is that Darley has tried the patience of the state leadership of the Tejanos for the last time. They apparently told Blanche she's not the president and can't just start up a new chapter with the same name because she's upset that she lost.

There is also apparently still some controversy surrounding the money in the account of the Paso Del Norte Chapter of the Tejano Democrats. Apparently Darley's access to the money has been questioned and is likely a legal matter that will have to be ironed out.

The Tejanos are working hard to regain their previous stature and looks like they will do so under the current leadership. Which is a shame for me because I rather enjoy the spectacle of Blanche and will miss her emails.

Hell, I may actually become a member.

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