Tuesday, February 17, 2015

David K Betrayed Our Secret Blogger Group!

First of all I can't believe DK threw us all under the bus by revealing that we in the Blogger Justice League of El Paso are part of a super secret organization controlled by the CIA, MI6, and the Knights Templar, who are in turned controlled by Paul Foster, Woody Hunt, and La Llorona! http://refusethejuice.typepad.com/thinkaboutit/2015/02/hypocrisy-the-martin-paredes-story.html

Is nothing sacred man? 

I'm not saying DK has a Code Red coming to him, I'm just saying that if it does happen, I wasn't anywhere near Gitmo when it does, er, if it does.

Yes it's true, we were thinking about jumping Paredes into our group of secret bloggers but there were several other issues in the way other than Paredes' little tantrum about Max using Martin's Match.com profile picture without permission.

Really the biggest issue was the fact that we already have a Llorona in the group. No need for two.

So David K was completely off base.

But he is right that Martin gets really touchy when people use his shitty paint-by-numbers Photoshop work. 

He rather enjoys taking pictures of people and then altering them so that it looks nothing like the real person but just a really shitty shadow of the real person. Like he did here:

What's that you say? That's really him? Oops, my bad. But you get my point right? 

Personally I was was flattered at the logo he made for me.

I mean so what that he ripped off a hit movie about sexual dominance and equated it to my sex life? 

That's not weird at all!

Hell truth be told, sometimes I think my performances should be written about. They are the stuff of legend after all. 

Well maybe not always...

But sometimes.

Perhaps occasionally... 

Like if I concentrate really hard...

There are times when...Okay fine, I'm not a machine damn it! 

I for one, am flattered that Paredes cares so much about my sex life. I don't find it creepy at all that a guy with that grin on his face who lives several hundred miles away thinks of me whenever he thinks of a hot sex scene involving role play, leather, restraints, duct tape, a dominant male, and a safe word. 

That's totally normal right? 

He even did a video for little Ol' me...

I mean yeah, my girlfriend was a little jealous because she wanted to know who that female voice was that kept calling me "slave" (it's sorta our thing) and she thought it was weird that he got the male and female roles backward. Neither of us can figure out who told Paredes I dig role play by the way.

But the truth is, while I know it might seem like he's interested in the big Lion Daddy dominating him and teaching him some lessons, I think Paredes was just trying to be part of our reindeer games. I don't think he's actually interested in me that way. 

It was probably more a cry for attention. 

But just in case he is interested in me in that way, I'm sorry Martin but I'm spoken for. 

And no, you cannot know what my safe word is. 

Okay fine, I'll tell you. It's "powdered sugar."

See what you did David K? Now I'm betraying super secret blogger club secrets too. Thanks a lot! I'm totally getting Code Reded for sure now. 

That's it, I'm leaving. I could really go for some Kool Aide right now...


Manny said...

HA HA, the only legend in this story was the last time you were able to look down while standing up and see your balls...no wonder your safe words are 'powdered sugar'. PAZ

The Lion Star said...

Ah, yet another fan of my balls. Welcome, go sit in the back next to the rest. Plenty of room, ya know what I'm sayin'...

Manny said...

That's good jaime, at least you don't start threatening lawsuits when someone hits you back, like the gutless wonder kid, David k. If that guy had any sand he'd of gone to law school instead of feigning to be a lawyer. But you have some good stuff there with the tornillo isd investigation. Real hard nose reporting, no joke. At least you report stuff that genuinely helps the people, instead of just trying to line your pockets like Mr. Wannabe-frank-underwood-but-can't-even-win-a-seat-on-county-Commission Karls-RUSE-r.