Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two New Candidates in District 1 Race

To be more accurate, one more candidate and one rumored candidate.

The rumored candidate is Bertha Gallardo. I attempted to reach her yesterday and was unsuccessful. I left her a voicemail with my name and number in order to confirm with her but haven't heard back from her yet. 

On paper she's a very formidable candidate. She's an Hispanic female professional. She works for a local hospital, chairs the board of a local agency, and has some experience with the Chamber. Her candidacy pretty much ensures a run-off election.

I haven't checked her voting record yet so I don't really have an indication of her politics. Based on what I know of her career so far, I'm willing to bet she can raise some decent money. The question is who ends up in the run-off. 

The other candidate that has already filed is Manny Hinojosa. That name may be familiar with those who live in district 1 because he's run for that seat before. He also recently ran for District Clerk so his name has been on the ballot a few times already.

Hinojosa will be the fiscal/social conservative in the race. He consistently ran on a platform of saving money and he previously pledged to "instill positive values". 

To be frank, Hinojosa will have a steep mountain to climb. He probably won't be able to raise much money to run for office which means he will have a tough time getting his message out. He will therefore rely on going to every function he can make it to, but that will only give him exposure among a limited number of actual voters. He's never really been able to capture a significant portion of the vote so he doesn't have a base to build on.

That being said, being Latino against two white guys helps. Well, not as much in District 1 as it does in other parts of the city. And with Gallardo in the race, that may be further negated. 

On my YouTube Channel there is an archive of almost every interview I've ever done and you will find some of Mr. Hinojosa. 

Here's part one of an interview I did with Mr. Hinojosa the last time he ran for city council. 


Interesting said...

The problem witha couple of these candidates is the El Paso campaign method.

If a candidate is serious about winning, planning, organizing, choosing a good campaign staff, etc takes time. But for some reason the majority wait until on ir about 90 days prior to the election.

It takes time it pick a staff, get them to work together. In politics, egos get in the way. It takes time to get the the precinct chairs to support the candidates. Simply because there is usually more than one in the party. It takes time to line up the money. The list is endless. 90 days is not enough time.

Manny has some recognition but no money. No knows the lady. The artist is known for the trolley issue that many don't support. That's it. Bonhart has some recognition from PSB and has good reputation as a pet doc. Money ?

Guess to wait and see which one gets it together the soonest. Unfortunately money is a factor. And will probably be the deciding factor.

Anonymous said...

gallardo is a hunt controlled entry.
i'm assuming she is related to ida and henry. ida worked for dee margo for years. she will get money from the same bunch that supports anne lily. of course this is all imho. i could be wrong.