Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Dagda Logo

I'm in complete shock as to why in the world Josh Dagda's logo is such a big deal but people won't stop talking about it.

Another 3 conversations about it today!

I personally think it's a clean layout and design but I'm not especially fond of it. Nor do I dislike it, which probably says a lot because most campaign logos annoy me with how bad they are. 

A few have commented on how much it looks like Niland's logo and some have called it a "rip-off" of her logo. 

Sorry but I don't agree. Sure it's similar but a rip off implies he meant to do it. What challenger in his right mind would want to look like his opponent? It's counter-productive to have been a calculated effort. 

A friend of mine on Twitter ( for those of you interested in following me) actually made a much stronger argument that the logo was an echo of another political logo.

Here is Dagda's logo again:

So my buddy who keeps up with such things, pointed out the the logo was similar to that of the "Pirate Party". 

At first I thought it was the title to an adult movie but it isn't. 

I had to to Wikipedia to find out more about it. 

At any rate, can we please stop talking about the logo now?

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