Friday, April 17, 2015

Martin Paredes is So Wrong That it's Painful

Martin, I don't understand why people read the crap you write sometimes.

Actually I wonder why they ever read what you write.

Look, you clearly didn't understand what DK wrote. David wasn't talking about a candidate. He was talking about a local big shot, not a candidate.

That's why you look like a total jack off when you go off on these little trips through the crazy woods. Now you all the candidates you mentioned an apology.

The local big shot didn't want to donate to a campaign because of Forma's connection to Ali Enrique Razavi. 

As much as you losers try to demonize me, it's Ali that turns out to be the toxic one.

That reminds me Martin. You sound a little jealous about the whole ad thing. It must really bother you that I'm able to actually have ads while you still have the SW graphic telling people they can buy space. 

Act now, operators are standing by!

Maybe David K should write his blog in crayon from now on so that the Flying Monkey can keep up.

Martin should know better. If Forma had been let go for performance issues there would've been a different amount refunded. No smart businessman does any work for free. They would've kept at least some of it.

Then again, no smart businessman backs out of a contract to go work for the competition in the same race either.

Who knows what really happened there.

But allow me to channel my inner Martin. "I have documented and connected the dots for you in several posts how Martin Paredes is completely clueless."

As for why DK and Ali are in this weird alliance, I have no clue but I doubt it has anything to do with his mom. Think about how often your own political views differ from those of your family.

As for DKs assertion that I broke code, I can take and accept that critique. Except that someone who doesn't operate by the code. Im not bound to operate under the code they don't follow. 

Allow me to use hyperbole to illustrate my point but I'm reminded of a scene in the Untouchables when Sean Connery explains the Chicago Way.


Manny said...

Seriously Jaime, for a guy that sits around all day pondering the intricacies of El Paso politics, I'd think you'd have something more substantial to write. It's the same thing with you every election cycle; who doesn't have the word For on their campaign literature, some half-assed interviews, and a whole lot of social media trolling to try to paint opponents as boogey-man Republicans. It's really sad to see some one of your ability spend so much time kissing ass, and begging for pennies from movers and decision makers. Get a real job, clean up your life, make an honest living, create for society, and maybe you can relate to the rest of us like a normal person.

The Lion Star said...

Man if you kissed ass any harder you'd have to charge Paredes!

You're a guy that trolls the work I do. How pathetic are you?

I think the French said it best when they said, GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!

Thomas said...

French Taunter