Thursday, April 9, 2015

Me Thinks Max Doth Protest Too Much

So Max did another one of his famous, "No seriously, I'm not Forma, stop saying that!" posts. Actually two from what I was sent.


He actually tries to go through the trouble of trying to lay out a logical and rational argument as to why he's not Forma. 

Okay, so riddle me this. If you're an anonymous douche like Maxi Pad, why in the hell would you care if others said you were Forma Group if you really aren't? Please explain the logic behind that one.

And don't try to give us this noble bullshit that you don't want an innocent person to be hurt because lets be real, you ran a mayoral staffer's life in the mud and probably ruined her marriage and after saying you weren't going to release emails between you and the County Judge, you did EXACTLY what I said you'd do and you released them. Clearly you can't make the "I'm a good guy" argument.

So again, if you aren't Forma why do you give two shits if anyone says you are?

The only person who would not want people thinking they are Maxi Pad are Forma. People thought I was Maxi Pad all along. Hell I thought about saying I was Maxi Pad on April Fool's Day, mostly to mess with his boy Sergio Lewis. 

Which is funny Maxi, because hasn't your boy read all the shit you talk about him?

But then again, you're really duplicitous aren't you? I mean you made such a big deal about Escobar's emails you would've thought you had documents that implicated her in the assassinations of President Kennedy, Tupac, and Biggie. 

You tried to extort me for a bunch of emails of you trying to pump her for information and her basically blowing you off? That's it? Really?

C'mon Maxi Pad. Please tell me you had something better. Please tell me your Monday "October Surprise" is at least something worth trying to extort me for. Help me save a little face here because although I knew you were going to release the emails no matter what, I at least thought you had something good. 

All you really showed was that you'll pretty much say what anyone wants to hear if they will give you what you want. Like a boy on prom night. 

Here's the big problem with Maxi's little explanation about how he isn't Forma. He assumes other people haven't heard about the level of Forma's involvement with campaigns as of late. Sources indicate that Forma is pretty much being paid to sit the bench in a lot of races. So yeah, Maxi Pad can claim someone is a client of Forma, but in many cases its really just to sit the bench and not work for the opposition. Which hey, they're making money doing nothing and sitting the bench, good for them. 

More Powers to them. 

Granted they're getting paid less than before and have fewer clients. I went to go apologize to them in person for saying they're Maxi Pad at their offices downtown a while back and low and behold...they are no longer officed in that building. Ah shucks. I was gonna take'em out to buy him an old-timey sarsaparilla to show him no hard feelings too. 

The other thing wrong with his little explanation is that he is assuming people always thought he was Forma. They didn't. Remember a lot of people thought I was Maxi Pad. 

They didn't start to think he was Forma until others started putting it out there and then things started adding up. Hell even a broken clock is right twice a day so I guess you have to credit the other MP of the El Paso blogosphere.

Maxi Pad can deny it all he wants. Its comical to me at this point. But the fact remains that if he really wasn't Forma, he really would't give a shit if anyone thought he was. 

Instead, he says he's sick and tired of it.

Oh well, apparently theres more to come on Monday. 

Which reminds me folks, I've got some interesting stuff for you early next week too!

Stay tuned. Its very...whats the word I'm looking for here? Ah yes...



Manny said...

Wait until you find out that Karls-RUSE-r is Max Powers. Then you will see how he's been playing you like a giant bandolon.

The Lion Star said...

You make me laugh vato. I know way more about this than I've let on so far.

Some dishes are best served cold.

Btw David and I actually know each other.

Wait until you see what I have and you'll see how you've been played.

damaged goods said...

max powers is brownfield. you knew that.

Manny said...

So what do you have bandolon? Looks like Martin has it all figured out. And, I bet you'll be shocked to see how Karls-RUSE-r fits into all of it.

Manny said...

But I gotta give you credit Jaimen. You really are a piece of work. You rail against Ali, and Forma by extension, but you support everything they stand for and every candidate they sported. And you didn't make a dime off any of it. Not because you wouldn't if you could, but you didn't know any better. That's truly sad. What do you do for a living besides write pathetic drivel?

Anonymous said...

Manny, I saw you on youtube:

Anonymous said...

Ha ha I even saw Lionstar on Jimmy Kimmel live as Guillermo.

Manny said...

That guy in the YouTube clip is very sick. He sounds like he is in the early stages of schizophrenia. You should be ashamed of yourself for perpetuating such insensitive garbage. He needs help. You sound like Obama comparing his poor bowling game to those of Special Olympians. Tacky and distasteful.