Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Correction Regarding Chris Acosta & Tejanos Fundraiser

Chris Acosta, who is a staffer for the Sheriff, is apparently really upset at me for saying that the Legacy Banquet she ran for the Tejanos last year was a "flop".

You'd think due to recent headlines she'd be a little too busy to worry about what was written in a blog, but she is apparently on top of her game.

In an email sent out last Friday night to the membership of the Paso Del Norte Chapter and its officers, Ms Acosta (who referred to me as a "dear friend") instructed the Chair and Vice Chair to "correct" me and to inform me that "the Legacy made 3,500" dollars I assume.

She also asked when they were signing me up to be a member.

Well, I have said many times that I certainly don't want to be inaccurate whenever I state something as fact. I guess the term "flop" is subjective so perhaps I could've gone on to deliver a little more clarity on what I meant.

So let me apologize to Ms. Acosta for my error. I should not have said it was a "flop".

I should've said it was a "major flop".

Yeah, that would've been more accurate I think.

Ms. Acosta didn't have to go through the trouble of emailing everyone else to get a message to me, she could've sent it to me directly seeing as how I actually post my email address. But hey, I'll make it simpler for her and anyone else wanting to reach Yours Truly. My email address is thelionstarblog@gmail.com and my cell phone is 915.694.5714. A sus ordenes.

But lets crunch some numbers. Word around the Tejano camp fire is that the alleged $3,500 raised for the Legacy Banquet is inaccurate. I was told by an officer that it is closer to $2,500. I think that last figure also accounts for a table and corsages that needed to be reimbursed.

Yes, your "dear friend" LionStar knows about Corsage-gate too... (seriously, you guys fight over some really dumb stuff)

A $2,500 profit from the main fundraiser of the once-mighty Tejanos certainly isn't stellar. Its actually not much more than what Mayela Mejia was able to help the Eastside Democrats raise in a flap-jack sale at Apple Bee's. Yeah, pankcakes at Apple Bee's raised almost as much as the Tejano's major annual fundraiser.

But I'm a fair guy, so lets just say for a moment that Acosta's figure is accurate (despite the fact that I think there may be an outstanding bill still floating around). In previous years that event has raised at least $10,000 for the club. More in an election year. For those of you keeping score at home, 2014 was in fact, an election year.

One of the previous programs was filled with a bunch of ads from judges, law firms, and candidates. So on a bad year the Tejanos made about $10k according to officers with the PDN Tejanos. But under Acosta it struggled to make 1/3 of that amount?

Yeah, pretty sure that is a flop.

And I haven't even mentioned the complaints from other members that she was difficult to work with, didn't acknowledge the officers at the event, and made sure things were kept between her and her click of support in the PDN Tejanos which from what I'm told is made up mostly of people she appoints to the Sheriff's Citizen Advisory Committee.

According to records with the Black El Paso Democrats, a MUCH smaller organization, they have never made less than $8,000 off of their annual fundraiser dinner and usually make closer to $12,000. Black El Paso and Tejanos both normally feature national-level speakers that they fly in for the banquets.

Acosta had the mayor and the sheriff.

Spaghetti and Enchilada dinner fundraisers for the Party usually make about $3,000.

The election is later this evening and she will likely be elected since I don't think anyone else actually wants to be a Vice Chair. Well, I guess they can start to focus on Flop Jacks. Oops, I mean Flap Jacks.

Oh, I almost forgot...when are they getting me to join...

I'm flattered at the invitation and would've joined sooner, but I didn't think I was old enough to be a member.

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