Monday, June 8, 2015

District 1 Run-off Campaign Finance Reports

Al and Peter have reported their 8 day finance reports to the city and the headline is the fact that Peter pretty much had a 2-1 fundraising advantage over Al. 

The total numbers won't show that - they will show Peter raised $22,414.65 and Al raised $21,118.20 - but $10,000, or roughly half, of Al's funds came in the form of a loan to himself. 

So it was more along the lines of $11,118.20 of financial support that came from donors for Al. Most of which came from the Foster and Hunt families and most of which, looks like about $19,675.90 went to Forma Group. 

Apparently Forma now offers poll sitters as part of their service too. Thats a new one. I don't think I've ever heard of them offering poll sitters before. 

The notable contributions for Svarzbein were former District 1 candidate (and former Forma client), Dan Longoria who contributed a couple thousand as well as the Franks and Rubins.

According to the reports most of Svarzbein's money went to block walkers and gas which is a clear indication that Svarzbein is implementing a big focus on field work. 

There is some confusion on Al's reports about how he reports expenditures but it looks like part of the money he gave Forma went to mail. That may be a reporting issue and I'm sure David K is getting ready to write a piece all about that (yeah right). 

If either candidate is up by more than 5 points in early voting I'd expect it to stay that way throughout the night. With a universe as small as run-off voters in a one district election with no other items on a ballot the needle isn't going to move much. 

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