Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Martin Paredes Shows Why He's A Dumbass

Martin "Fallas" Paredes, the discount blogger who follows the orders of his masters wrote a piece about Peter Svarzbein that, lets be real for a minute, 90% of you reading this wouldn't know existed if I didn't write about it.

The only reason I'm even writing about it is because it underscores just exactly how much of a dumb mule Paredes is. But more importantly it shows how irresponsible he is about what he writes. 

Now Martin really holds himself up to be a legitimate news source. He fancies himself a journalist. Well when journalists don't fact check and publish something as wrong as this one, they usually get fired.

But he won't be because he's the only dumbass his mule-bosses can convince to blog for them. 

So Fallas posted this picture of what the dumb mule thinks is a photo of Peter Svarzbein flipping the bird. This wouldn't be the first time there was a photo of a westside politico flipping the bird posted on the internet. David K posted one four years ago of a district 8 candidate.

The difference is that when David K posted the picture, he made sure it was actually the candidate. 

This photo is not Peter Svarzbein. Its actually a picture of his brother Jonny Svarzbein, who happens to be a comedian that is often featured on Funny or Die. Like in this video.


Way to go dumbass.

Frankly I think Jonny looks more like actor and comedian David Cross:

I don't know, maybe Paredes thinks all Jews look alike. You'd think a guy who lives in Florida would have a more cosmopolitan view of the Jewish community. Lol, who are we kidding, this is Fallas Paredes, the guy who makes cartoons of people but can't take it when its done to him. 

By the way, Fallas Paredes' cartoon of Niland was the weirdest thing I've seen on the internet since the white chick was pretending to be black. But thats how he see's Niland, which is more than a little weird. I wonder how many times he's jerked off to that cartoon in front of his computer. One more side note, when people get together in little groups, especially online, they get really brave and bold. I took note of those that had fun with Paredes little cartoon of me. Lets see how you respond when your image is made fun of online. Especially you people that are clearly in the public eye since you've been candidates and appeared in TV commercials like Daniel Lopez, Hector Montes, Barbara Carrasco, Josh Dagda, and Marianna Chew...

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Anonymous said...

Jaime: Martin is a real journalist, and he has a real job. Martin has an equity interest in El Paso. It doesn't matter where he lives. When people throw poop at the wall to try to discredit you, I'm always quick to defend you. This post entire post is beneath your dignity.