Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Okay, I Guess I'll Be the Counter Point...

My buddy David K's obsession with Peter Svarzbein has become comical. And now he's roped in Jim Tolbert.

Tolbert wrote a piece about the race and it has all the echoes of DKs talking points, particularly about campaign finance reports but also about Peter's job.

Pardon me while I point out the irony that it's not the militant Chicano Blogger pointing out that Peter grew up in a wealthy family but it's other rich white guys that seem to take issue with Peter being a rich white guy.

Come on westside gringos, can't y'all get along? 

Let me offer some insight into the campaign finance nontroversy. This issue has become the Benghazi of this campaign season.

There was nothing illegal, unethical, immoral, or wicked about how Peter filed.  DK and Tolbert should stop saying that because it's just not accurate. 

Was it stupid? Sure. Is Peter's rational for why he did it complete and utter bullshit? Probably. 

But there is nothing wrong with what was done and I can't understand why DK and Tolbert are trying to feed people that line.

I also got a kick out of Tolbert complaining about Peter getting developer money and his logic is that Peter is therefore not a greenie. Which is funny because Al's biggest co tributes are Woody Hunt, Paul Foster, and Stanley Jobe. I thought the greenies said those are the Sith Lords of development? 

However...DK and Tolbert probably should've left that issue alone because if you read the finance reports of both candidates you'll see that they are correct, one candidate did apparently start campaign activities before he had a treasurer.

Al Weisenberger.

On his report before the first election he lists payment to Forma Group. The date on that report is BEFORE he had a treasurer.

Diana Washington-Valdez did a piece about their reports but the expenditure to Forma was never followed up on.

Maybe it was a typo. Maybe. But if it was, why hasn't it been corrected. With all this talk about finance reports you'd think if it was in fact an error he would've fixed it by now.

Why Peter didn't file an actual ethics complaint, Al never did by the way, is beyond me. 

And sorry DK, you can try your hardest to sell Al as a Democrat but I just look at data. He's voted Republican pretty recently. I've posted that before.

Let me close this out with a couple tidbits. Weisenberger dropped two different pieces of mail today. 

Early voting is close to ending. Tic-toc, tic-toc.


Anonymous said...

Jim Tolbert when he ran for office took money from Jobe too... so doesn't that make him pro developer.. ooh it's because they are friends as he stated in 2013.

Anonymous said...

You are a typical El Paso racist. And you can't write worth a shit.

The Lion Star said...

Ah did I hurt your widdo feelings?

Go fuck yourself.

Your Pal,