Thursday, June 25, 2015

Quick hits - LVP Loss & Trump Pendejadas

A couple of quick blurbs too small for their own post.

I'm late on this but Leticia Van De Putte's loss in San Antonio demonstrates what I've said for a long time. The TDP is not close to turning Texas blue. She lost to an African-American in San Antonio. If a Latina Democrat with her notoriety, coming off of a statewide race can't win in San Antonio...dayum! It shows how hard it is to come back once you've lost and it shows that the Party is no where near as strong as we like to tell ourselves.

Donald Trump talked a lot of smack about raza and we are finally standing up for ourselves which is a good thing.

But I want to know where the GOP's  establishment leadership is on all of this. They've been trying to court the brown vote for years. Why aren't they pushing back on this? 

Where are the Latino Republican organizations?

And where are the brown Republican candidates? Are you guys just gonna letTrump  say this crap and not stand up for yourselves? Your silence sounds like agreement.

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Manny said...

The question should be, where is the diversity in the Democrat Presidential slate. Clinton, Warren, Sanders, O'Malley are all older white people. For all the fun being made of the size of the Republican field, there is certainly a lot of diversity. 2 Latinos (Cruz, Rubio), 1 African American (Carson), 1 Indian American (Jindal), 1 woman (Fiorina), and 1 weirdo (Trump). Plus, it's not like another young African American senator will magically spring up for Democrats like Obama did. There is only 1 African American currently serving in the US Senate, and he's Republican Tim Scott from South Carolina.