Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rumor Killer: Mayor Ruiz Not Running Against Rep Gonzalez

Only because this is probably the 10th time I've had someone ask me, but Socorro Mayor Jesus Ruiz is not running for state representative.


He may consider it some day in the future, but it isn't something he's going to do this session or probably even the next.

There is still lots of work to do and under his leadership and administration Socorro is a much better place. 

He's led the city to invest $10 million in infrastructure projects and unlike the little Jesse Gandara regime managed to do so without controversy over how the infrastructure was completed. At the same time the city has increased the number of family events including Easter egg hunts, movies in the park, etc.

Perhaps the biggest contribution and what he has led that has been the biggest departure from the Gandara regime has been the increase in transparency. Documents and back up are now more readily available and citizens have an easier time having feedback with the city reps during public comment.

So Mayor Ruiz still has work to do because Jesse Gandara still holds a lot of influence over his cousin who is a council member.

So while Mayor Ruiz would be viable for any number of offices as a candidate he has indicated he has no plans of running for state representative at this time.

But I know who is...

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