Friday, June 26, 2015

Some EP Judges Don't Want to Marry Gay Couples

At least three El Paso judges have questioned if they are required to perform gay marriages apparently citing their religious beliefs.

Yes, I know their names. They are all Democrats too. 

I sure hope they are otherwise living the life of a good "Catholic gentleman".

The reality is that they have to perform weddings for all couple or none at all.

Sources in the courthouse indicate that at least three judges took issue with the possibility of having to perform the marriages and asked for a legal opinion from the County Attorney.

The County Attorney sent them the opinion yesterday and it says that they cannot discriminate and that the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct mandates that judges perform their duties without bias or prejudice. Therefore their options are to perform marriages for all people or to perform marriages for no one.

The County, and by that I mean you the tax payer, can be sued if a judge does hetero marriages but not gay marriages.

I have the entire document and have gone through it. I'll email it to you if you want it but here's the operative part:

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